• Which Penis Ring is Right for Me?

    EDGE Adjustable Stamina Ring

    Penis rings are a popular boy toy for good reason: they make the penis look bigger, keep erections harder and make him last longer. If you choose one with a vibrator attached, they also up her chances or climaxing during intercourse. What’s not to love?

    The rings are worn at the base of the penis, often with a second ring behind the scrotum, and usually put on when your penis is semi rather than fully erect.

    If you’re particularly hairy, you might want to have a bit of a trim to avoid hairs getting caught, but otherwise a bit of lube is all you need to try one.

    Here’s how to pick the perfect penis ring for you.

    I want to last longer during intercourse or stay hard for longer

    Use a stretchy silicone ring such as one from the EDGE Supreme Endurance Set. Compared to other rings, these stretch the most and constrict blood flow most effectively.

    Adjustable rings (pictured above) are also an excellent choice. They’re simple to use, adjust to the perfect fit and come off easily if you start to feel panicky. Great for first-time users.

    It’s my first time trying one

    As mentioned, adjustable rings are a good beginner’s ring. You could also opt for something stretchy that comes in a set, meaning you can choose the right size for you. Only leave it on for ten minutes or so to start with, so you can get used to what it feels like.

    I want to make her orgasm during intercourse

    Vibrating love rings are penis rings with vibrators attached which vibrate against her clitoris during intercourse. They work really well but only if you keep your pelvises together. So forget traditional in-out style thrusting and instead keep pelvises pressed once penetrated and grind together in a circular motion to make sure the vibrator stays in constant contact with the clitoris.

    The ring vibrators vary in size and power. If you/she likes gentle to medium vibration, opt for one with a smaller stimulation surface. If she likes medium to strong vibration, try a twin vibrating ring that’s got a full-size bullet attached.

    If you’re fond of fast thrusting or change position a lot, you might find a simple love ring that slips onto the shaft only slips around too much. If that’s a problem for you, a twin ring - one that slips over the testicles as well - is a better option because they’re more secure.

    Adjust the position of the vibrator depending on what position you choose. You can also use them on dildos or on your fingers or turn them around to vibrate against the anus rather than clitoris. Some guys like wearing one behind the scrotum with the vibrator underneath to stimulate the testicles during a solo sex session.

    Rabbit penis rings are a fabulous invention! Rabbit rings not only have a bullet vibe, they have rabbit ears as well, just like her rabbit vibrator, to tickle the clitoris. Also fab for anal stimulation for her or if using with two guys.

    I just like the look of them!

    Any of the rings will look the part but rings that fit over the scrotum (sometimes called a testicle cuff) can look particularly impressive.

    Feed each testicle through separately, then pull the entire scrotum through.

    The testicles usually pull towards the body before ejaculation and because the ring stops this, orgasm is intensified.

    I’m using it with a penis pump

    Penis pumps are remarkably efficient drug-free ways to get a hard erection. You need to use a penis ring with it to keep the blood trapped inside the three chambers inside the penis. Adjustable penis rings work well with pumps. Slip one on and leave loose around the base before using the pump, then remove and quickly tighten to maintain the erection you’ve just created.

    If you're looking for ways to prevent ejaculating too quickly, check out this advice from the archives.


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