• How to Strip Like a Pro

    Tracey Cox Beginner's Soft Bondage Kit

    Having her strip for him is one of the most popular male sexual fantasies - but lots of women baulk at fulfilling it.

    Why? They’re worried they’re going to look like an idiot.

    Fear not! This simple, step-by-step guide will have you looking like a pro (in all the right senses!)

    10 Golden Rules

    Absolutely Totally Cannot Be Broken Rule No 1: You’re allowed to touch him but he’s not allowed to touch you. Not with his hands, mouth, tongue or penis. Only his eyes and imagination are allowed to roam.

    Absolutely Totally Cannot Be Broken Rule No 2: You must maintain eye contact with him throughout the performance.

    3. Keep the lights ON This is all about showing off your body, not hiding it. It really doesn’t matter whether you’d put a supermodel to shame or not, sexy is all about how you feel. You don’t need a great body to strip. All you need to pull this off is confidence and attitude.

    4. Slather stuff on Fake tan (you’ll feel more confident with a bit of colour), lip gloss (slightly smeared), blusher (around your nipples to make them look more defined), a slight slick of baby oil on your body for sheen.

    5. Plan your outfit Stockings and suspenders and sexy knickers and push-up bra are must-do’s. A G-string suits the mood of a striptease best but it’s far more important you feel sexy in whatever underwear you choose.

    6. Don’t be a neat freak You’re supposed to be throwing your clothes off with abandon. Stopping to put your skirt on a hanger, carefully fold your top or hang your jacket behind the door ruins the effect somewhat (don’t laugh – it happens). Leave everything where you throw/drop it.

    7. Think the three T’s: tempt, tantalise, tease During the entire performance, parade around, walk up and down, flirt, flick your hair around, gyrate your body. Be his private dancer.

    8. Your hands are their hands Touch yourself the way they want to touch you, in places they want to touch. Go for it. The way you touch yourself also sets the mood for the strip. You can keep it light and quite innocent by touching yourself the way a virgin might (tentatively but getting more confident and enjoying it as the strip goes on). Or you can get wickedly down and dirty from word go.

    9. Nick a dancer’s trick Keep one leg in front of the other, heel lifted, whenever possible. It makes otherwise awkward poses look elegant (and your legs and body look long and lean). It’s also great for photographs (check out any shot of Liz Hurley and she’s invariably assumed this pose!)

    10. Choose the music to suit your mood The music should suit the mood of the strip you’re planning on. Soft and sultry for a seductive tease; rock or pop for a raunchier role.

    10 Killer Moves

    1. Walk the walk Get him (or her if you’re a lesbian, though for the sake of simplicity I’ll refer to ‘him’ for the rest of the blog) to sit on the sofa. Then simply parade about a bit, strutting your stuff. Mentally visualise a figure of 8 and make your hips follow. Place one foot directly in front of the other when you walk and you’ll see how easy it is! Chest out. Head up. Think proud and sassy. It’s all about attitude. (You’re allowed one rather large gulp of champagne already poured by a happy partner!)

    2. Tease with a scarf A long, silky scarf is a good alternative to the stripper’s feather boa. Treat it the way you would him. Sometimes rough, sometimes gentle. Be nice first: run the scarf seductively through your hands, then bring over your shoulders and slide from side to side, arching your back at the same time (stomach in, breasts out). Then nasty: pull it tight and yank it between your hands above your head, as though it’s going to be used to tie him up later. Which, if he’s a good boy, it will be. Scarves are fantastic props: use it as a blindfold, put it around his neck to draw him close. For now, drop it, but leave it within reach to pick up and play with later on.

    3. Remove your jacket Make sure you’ve got your back to him, then look back over your shoulder, maintaining eye contact. Unbutton it while facing away from him, then shrug your shoulders sexily so the jacket slides down your shoulders in one deliciously slippery motion. Now, turn around a little so he can see a bare shoulder exposed. From then on it’s a wriggle thing: wriggle and shrug your upper body until the jacket falls down your shoulders onto your arms. Then remove one arm at a time but DON’T drop it! Keep the jacket covering your bra and breasts. Keep the good bits covered for as long as possible, so don’t flash it all too quickly. Once your arms are out of the jacket, hold it over your breasts with both hands and then... turn around to face him. That’s the time to remove the jacket from your breasts with one hand and drop it to the floor.

    4. Off goes the skirt Again, do this with your back to him, look over your shoulder and maintain eye contact. Unzip your skirt as slowly as possible, sticking your bum out and arching your back as you do. Ideally, you’re wearing a tight pencil skirt that’s lined in a slippery fabric so it slides down and off your hips the minute you let it go. While the jacket removal was slow and tantalising, the skirt should be off in one quick, smooth motion. Once it’s on the floor, step out of it and leave it there.

    5. And the high-heeled shoes There’s not really an elegant way to remove your shoes but the whole effect is instantly ruined if you’re having to stop, lean over and fiddle with straps so choose slip ons. Now, simply lift your leg up behind you, lean down and use your hand to remove the shoe as ‘ladylike’ as possible. (Put the shoes back on when you’re completely naked).

    Striptease woman

    6. Slide off your stockings A new position for this one: side view. Position yourself so you’re side on, maintain eye contact and put one leg up on a chair, step or piece of furniture. Undo the suspender belt first (obviously), then roll down the stockings using both hands, one on each side of your leg. Keep it nice and slow and keep rolling down until your hands are on your ankle. (Ass high in the air, of course!) Once you’ve slipped the stocking off your heel, remove from your foot with your finger and thumb then use it as a prop to drape around his neck.

    7. Ping the suspender belt These don’t look so hot without stockings attached, so get rid of it pretty soon after they’ve been removed. Simply unclip and ping it across the room with as much finesse as you can possibly muster!

    8. Bra-less and brazen Stripping for him is a bit like unwrapping a present when the prize inside is you. Every time you peel off a piece of clothing, he’s closer to seeing what’s hidden inside, so draw this one out as much as possible. Face him then shrug the straps off nice and slowly. Then turn around, look over your shoulder and undo the bra but (as you did with the jacket) hold it over your breasts. Turn to face him, hold one arm across your chest, holding the bra in place, then use your other hand to pull the bra out from beneath, nice and slowly. Drop the bra but keep one arm still covering your breasts. Then take your arm away, stroking your fingers across the breast as you go. Now’s when you go into full stripper mode: back arched, breasts out. Play with and touch them, lifting them in both hands, kneading the nipples. Don’t forget: you’re doing what he’d like to do but isn’t allowed to.

    9. Next – the knickers! Put your hands (palms facing your legs) completely inside the straps at the side so you’re lifting them up and away from your legs. Give him a side on view, then slide your hands and knickers down your body, keeping them lifted away from your body. As your hands move down, your body follows. Naturally, you’re sticking your chest out and bottom in the air as you move downward. Once your knickers slide past your knees, they should fall down to your feet. Now for the final (and probably hardest) bit. If you thought stepping out of your skirt was hard, stepping elegantly out of a teensy-weensy, all-curled-up-like-a-rubber-band thong is a nightmare. Take it slow and step out one foot at a time.

    10. Take a victory lap Parade around, touching and caressing your own body until he’s driven completely wild with lust. Remember the golden rule: you can touch him but he can’t touch you? Well, it’s not over yet, even if he is gagging for it. Strut your stuff and then (finally) go over and stand before him. Cup his face in your hands and give him the sexiest, most passionate, toe-curling, tummy-fluttering snog you can muster. Then straddle him and put the poor bloke out of his misery by impaling yourself on the massive erection he’s worked up.

    For more foreplay advice, check out Foreplay Tips for Familiar Lovers from the archives.


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