• Top 5: The Best Sex Positions for... Show-Off Sex

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    Sex is usually driven by things like lust, satisfaction and love - but sometimes it’s simply undertaken in the spirit of adventure, the desire to explore novel new ways to share one another’s bodies. These show-off sex positions appeal to the latter category, and what they might lack in longevity they more than make up for in entertainment.

    Whether you’re looking for a great giggle, fresh new sensations or locker room fodder to brag about with your pals (with permission), these ambitious arrangements are well worth a shot. Choose the position that's closest to an old favourite and shift into that when the going gets a little too tough!

    1. Twisted missionary

    Twisted Missionary show off sex positionWho said the missionary position was boring? Spin it around for a sensational twist. He can enter in the traditional position (heads the same end) and slowly spin around. Or, if this is too difficult, try penetrating when he's in position.

    This works best if he has a big penis and a not-so-hard erection because it has to bend backwards. It's one to attempt for show-off value but probably not to climax in!

    2. Body balance

    Body Balance show off sex position You need a high-backed chair that's sturdy and without arm rests. He sits, she straddles him then rests each ankle on his shoulders. She can squeeze her thighs together to increase pressure on his penis, though the angle ensures he's gripped nice and firmly.

    3. The plunge

    The Plunge show off sex position Start with him kneeling beside the bed, her face-down with legs apart and either side of him. He penetrates. She supports her weight on her elbows and forearms, he stands up and takes a firm hold of her upper thighs. Great for deep, passionate thrusting and easy to do once you're in position.

    4. Stupidly show-off

    Stupidly Show Off sex position Advanced isn't the word for this one, bonkers probably is. Make very sure the chair is wedged firmly up against a wall or, if your bed has a super firm mattress, try doing it on top.

    If he keeps slipping out (which he will!), she can spread her legs wider and tip her bottom upward towards him. Even then she'll probably have to reach behind to hold him in place.

    5. Selfie sex

    Selfie Sex show off sex position Again, a well-endowed man with a semi-erection is needed to carry this one off because his penis is bent back and through his legs. Yes really. She faces away and lowers herself onto his penis (which he's holding in position) by sitting down on his bottom. Once he's penetrated, she does the thrusting. The more erect he gets, the more likely he is to pop out.

    If you manage it, take a selfie within the first minute!

    Once you've exhausted yourself from these athletic contortions, why not slow it down? Check out Top 5: The Best Sex Positions for... Romantic Sex, or amp up the passion with Top 5: The Best Sex Positions for... Lusty Sex.


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