• Reinvent your Favourite Sex Positions to Help her Climax

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    Here’s a sobering statistic: the majority of women have the majority of their orgasms through oral sex or masturbation.

    Depressing, yes, but unless we’re suddenly able to magically relocate the clitoris inside the vagina, we’re stuck with this basic design flaw!

    Here’s how to rework all your old favourite positions to give her a fighting chance.

    Lying Positions

    Zap life into the laziest lying position by going head to toe.

    This one’s dead simple: He lies on his back. Facing his feet, she straddles his hips and lowers herself onto his erect penis. Then she extends her legs backwards and leans forwards until her feet are next to his head and she’s lying on top of him.

    (Just to be clear: She’s facing one way, him another. His feet are near her head, her feet are near his.)

    Now try slow thrusting - I mean really slow, slow-motion slow. The position ensures her clitoris gets stimulation from his penis as it goes in and out so if the thrusting is kept slow and regular, it should build to a nice orgasm for both of you.

    If you want to stick to the usual face-to-face missionary position, stimulate the clitoris more effectively by keeping her legs together, getting her to squeeze her thighs, and having his legs open, lying over the outside of hers.

    Girls on Top

    Woman on top positions work best because she has control over what’s going on.

    He sits up on the bed, his legs extended straight out in front of him.

    She climbs on top, cowgirl style, and lets him penetrate. She should now fall back as far as she can until the top of her head is just resting on the bed. She can then reach backwards with her hands until she can grasp his feet.

    This sounds more complicated than it is, so give it a try!

    Another simpler variation for her: jump on top but instead of straddling so you’re resting on your knees, squat so your feet are on the bed. Stay leaning forward and go for wide, circular motions alternated with small circles with your hips and, again, keep it slow, moving yourself so the base of his penis pulls the labia to simulate the clitoral area.

    Lusty Sex Doggie Does It

    Him from Behind

    Doggie-style is up there as a sure thing sex position for her because the front vaginal wall is incredibly sensitive and positions that hit it are the most likely to result in an internally stimulated orgasm.

    The trick to this one is to move around until his penis is rubbing against an area that feels either extremely pleasurable or - no other word for it - weird!

    If you’re not used to G-spot stimulation, that’s exactly what it does feel like - a little irritating to start with.

    If he’s hitting the right spot and continues to thrust, the next reaction you’ll have may well be a need to pee because the G-spot is near the urethra (through which urine passes).

    Hang on (in all senses) and the sensation will probably pass and turn into an orgasmic wave that washes over you. (Sometimes literally since front wall orgasms are most associated with female ejaculation!)

    If that’s not doing it for her, it’s also easy for her to reach down and give herself a helping hand.

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