• What's Your Signature Sex Move - and Why Everyone Should Have One

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    A signature sex move is your personal sex stamp, something that only you do. If you blindfolded your lover and did it to them, they’d know it was you instantly - and love you for it because your ‘signature’ has to be something utterly mind-blowing.

    It might turn out to be a totally original, complex manoeuvre, known only to you and your lovers. (You’ve not only got it trademarked, your exes know if they so much as think of spilling your secret, you’ll send the boys around.)

    Or it could something as ingeniously simple as a twirl of the tongue, done with such panache, it defies description.

    Need a little help to work out your personal pièce de résistance?

    All it takes is a little thought and (perhaps) a lot of practice, and you'll have your own personal sex style down pat.

    Find your own Signature Sex Move

    1. Decide what you're best at. The trick is to focus on whatever sex act you enjoy the most. If you like doing something, you're usually good at it - and if you're good at something, you usually enjoy it. So you can't really go wrong if you stick to this simple rule. If giving him a hand-job is your idea of hell, that's not going to be the area where you excel. If you could cheerfully fellate him for hours, that's your starting point.

    2. Tap into your talent. Decide on the area you think has promise then try out a few different techniques before deciding on one to concentrate on. For the sake of this exercise, let's say you've decided to become the absolute master/mistress of oral sex.

    The next time you do it, ask your partner for a running commentary of how different techniques feel. Get them to rate each and every flick of the tongue on a scale of 1-10. What happens when you lick this part? What about that one? Now alter the pressure, carefully noting whether you're going up or down in the ratings game.

    What happens if you add a twist of the wrist? Or start humming? Or refuse to break eye contact so you see pleasure contort each feature of their face during orgasm?

    What about if you do the whole thing from start to finish in total and utter silence, like a slave? Or make so much noise, they suspect you're enjoying the whole thing more than they are?

    What about in slow motion? Speeded up? Slicked up with loads of lubricant? Yes, it does take a few sessions to try it all out but I can't see your partner complaining, can you?

    3. Do some research. Go online, and read up on all the hints, tips and other techniques you can find about your area of speciality. Ask any exes that have remained friends how much they enjoyed it (you don't need to explain why, just say you're curious).

    4. Try it out. Let all the hints, tricks, tips and research merge into one spectacular sex session with your Iucky-lucky-lucky partner. At first, concentrate hard on combining everything you've learned, but once you're in the swing, relax into it and let your gut instinct guide you. After all, you chose this because you LIKE doing it, remember?

    Sneak a peek to see how they're enjoying the sensation. Consider it successful only if their eyes are rolled back in their head, as they ecstatically orbit off the bed and what seems like the planet as well!

    Jack of all trades, master of none? Feel free to nick one of these:

    • It's an oldie but a goodie and everyone talks about it rather than actually does it. Break the mould: suck his toes and lick the spaces in between them.
    • Blindfold her and get together a collection of everyday items with different textures – ones that feel nice against the skin and those that don't. Start with something that doesn't feel fab – like a hard hairbrush - and swipe (but not too firmly) across her bottom. Then follow up with three or four items that produce nice sensations. She has to guess what's touching her and every time she gets it wrong, she gets the hairbrush again. Weird how she's now starting to like it...
    • Look him straight in the eyes and talk very dirty. Simple but oh-so-effective.
    • Buy a power shower with a hand-held attachment. Get her to jump in, soap her up, rinse her off then direct the flow directly onto the clitoris. It won't be the first time she's enjoyed the sensuous feel of rushing water over her clitoris – but it will be the first time you've done it for her.
    • Pack a 'surprise' lunch for him. He'll think it's terribly sweet – until he opens it to find your (worn) G-string folded in there, along with a note detailing what you plan to do when you get home.
    • Get her to pretend to be fast asleep. Then whisper the instructions so the game can commence: she must stay asleep to get the treats you've got in store for her. You then proceed to caress, lick, stroke and suck every inch of her body, stopping the instant she 'wakes' up. (You possibly need to up the active bits a tad if you start to hear gentle snores).

    If you're stuck for inspiration on a move to make your own, check out Sex Advice: Simple but Impressive Sex Tips from the archives.

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