• Aquagasms 101: How to have hot sex in the bath and shower

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    There's something about relaxing in water that makes most of us feel like having sex - probably because we're naked (in the bath or shower) or close to it (on the beach or in a hot tub).

    But there's a lot more to having an aquagasm than you think - and plenty of reasons why that hot tub on holiday is the last place you should be having sex!

    The Three Musts

    Use lots of lube! If you're having sex in either the shower or bath, you will need to add lots of lube and place it high in the vagina so it's not washed away. (Silicone lubes are more water-friendly, but water-based lubes like Supersex lovelube also work well.) Stop the second you feel yourself getting dry and reapply. If not, you'll risk getting 'micro-tears' - tiny cuts on your genitals. Not only do these make you feel sore, they also greatly up your chances of catching an STI or bacteria.

    Use protection. Remember you can still catch an STI and get pregnant in water. You can use a condom in water but the pull of the water means there's a much higher risk of it slipping off, so proceed with utmost caution and use back up contraception. If you do use one, put it on and take it off out of the water.

    Keep it simple. Water is, well, slippery. This means there's a much higher risk of either or both of you falling in a heap if you're attempting something challenging. This might end up with both of you in a fit of giggles. Or being taken to A&E. Don't chance it!

    If you really enjoy sex in the shower or bath, it's worth checking out some accessories like suction handles and footrests.

    Sex in the Bath

    Baths aren't just brilliant for relaxing in, they're the perfect place to destress and get yourselves in the mood for sex. Less tricky than the shower, intercourse is more doable in the bath and it's easier to retain some dignity without mascara running down both cheeks!

    Set the scene. This is going to be a sensual, relaxing sex session rather than a raunchy, throw each other around one - necessarily so! There's only so much you can get up to in a bath! Play up the romantic theme with candles, sexy music in the background, a glass (or three) of bubbly.

    Run the bath. Have it a bit hotter than you want to start, so you're not interrupting your session by moving your bottoms out of the way to turn the hot tap on. If you're only having foreplay in there, add some bubble bath but if you're planning on having intercourse, make sure it's soap-free and guaranteed not to irritate.

    Foreplay. This is the two of you relaxing, admiring the sight of each other's nakedness and talking dirty as you each describe exactly what you intend to do both in the tub and once out of it.

    Best position for intercourse. The easiest is him lying back and you straddling him while facing away. Put your hands on the bottom of the bath to steady yourself while he holds onto your hips. Another good choice: he sits with knees bent, you sit on his lap.

    Sex in the Shower

    In the movies, make-up never runs, eyes don't go red and neither of you are pushing the other out of the way to get under the nice warm water!

    Shower sex in real life is slightly different! Most showers are quite small, water has a habit of suddenly going cold just at the crucial bit and grabbing onto that shower curtain to balance is never going to be the best idea you've had.

    So wear waterproof makeup or none at all, make sure the room is warm or you'll both be pushing to get under the jet and watch where you put your hands to steady yourself (and make sure they aren't soapy and slippery!).

    It's not a bad idea to do a literal dry run if it's a really small shower area. Both get in there before turning the water on and see if it's feasible to have intercourse in there. If it's not, stick to foreplay, then dry off and jump into bed for the finale!

    Foreplay. Use soap-free cleanser to soap each other, fingers disappearing into all sorts of places. Shampooing each other's hair is another incredibly intimate and sexy thing to do. Or, let him shave your legs or let her shave your face.

    Good (shower) head. If you have a hand-held shower head, she's in for a treat! They're fabulous for clitoral stimulation. Put it on the jet spray and aim it above the clitoris rather than directly on it. Forcing water inside the opening can lead to urinary tract infections and other infections. Have a pee afterward as well to flush out any bacteria.

    Best position for intercourse. Doggy-style. She (or he) bends over with both feet on the floor, he stands behind and penetrates. If you're having problems - size problems or agility - both get down on your knees.

    Why can't I have sex in the hot tub?

    Having sex in the bath or shower, so long as you don't add anything to the water (like soap-based shower gels, bubble bath, oils), is perfectly safe.

    Hot tubs are another story, sadly: they're full of bacteria of all kinds. (Same goes for the sea, lakes, rivers and swimming pools.)

    Your skin can usually tolerate this but having intercourse pushes the bacteria quite forcefully into your body via the delicate skin of your vulva and vagina.

    Hot tubs are often not chlorinated enough to kill all the harmful bacteria or chlorinated so heavily, it plays havoc with the natural pH balance in the vagina.

    Either way, hot tub sex often leads to irritations, urinary tract and yeast infections - none of which are worth it.

    By all means hop in there to kiss and enjoy some steamy foreplay. But when you're ready for penetration, jump out and do it on land!

    For more advice on preparing for underwater passion, check out Sex Advice: 'What can I use to make having sex in water more comfortable?' from the archives. For more passion-sparking innovative ideas, look out for Sexy Games, out in December.

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