• 8 Great Sex Games

    Supersex Sex Position Card Deck

    Some people love games, others loathe them. But even if you are the type that develops chronic diarrhoea at the mere mention of the word ‘charades’, you might just find something to tickle your fancy here!

    The couple who play together, stay together: stop playing and you’ll fall out of love.

    It’s a simple, I’ve-heard-this-before formula for sexual happiness but one that works if you actually do it!

    Sex games don’t just keep things fresh, they’re a non-threatening, sneaky way to teach your partner new tricks.

    Here’s some inventive ideas to get you started.

    1. Play cards: Saucy position cards are a brilliantly easy way to keep things fresh because they do the thinking for you. My brand spanking new Supersex Position Deck has 50 positions to solve every sex scenario. Fancy a G-spot orgasm? Want to feel tighter? Want to make him last longer? Choose the sex experience you want, then from one of five positions in the category.

    There are full instructions on how to get into each position, plus extra tips to make sure you’ll never be bored again.

    2. Make obscene phone calls: One of you goes into another room, then dials the other, pretending they have no idea who they've just called - but have every intention of being shockingly rude. Ask questions like: 'What are you wearing?', 'Pull your panties to one side for me', 'Reach down and grab that big, lovely erection you've got'.

    If you're on the receiving end, play outraged then get weirdly turned on.

    3. Be flashers: Turn the lights off, then take it in turns to light one area of your own body with a torch. Each lit body part must be touched, stroked and/or licked for two minutes, before the torch gets passed onto the next person.

    This is an excellent way to subtly hint at areas of your body you like licked, touched or nibbled that are frequently neglected.

    4. Fantasy dice: Write down and number the beginning of six fantasies ('Suddenly I felt my girlfriend's mother put her hand on my knee under the table. Even worse, she was really attractive'; 'And there I was - in the middle of an orgy'), then take turns throwing the dice. When the person lands on a number, they have to complete the corresponding fantasy out loud.

    It's a sneaky, not-too-embarrassing way to find out your partner's secret turn-ons because we rarely make up a fantasy that doesn't appeal to us.

    5. Be a sex therapist: The 'therapist' goes into another room to take a call from a 'patient' they're trying to help. The 'patient' rings and pretends to ask for advice on how to please their partner. The therapist goes into lots of detail describing a good way to do this. (All, of course, their personal idea of heaven!) If you like this one, get the therapist to make an appointment for the patient, so the therapist can give 'hands-on' demonstrations of each technique.

    6. Look, no hands! Tie your partner's hands together then ask them to seduce you. They've got no option but to up the oral quotient by using their lips, teeth and tongue - or inventively explore interesting options using parts of themselves they wouldn't usually dream of incorporating into loveplay (like their nose!).

    If you really want to make things interesting, both tie your hands behind your backs.

    7. Play guinea pig: Grab all the sex toys you own (order some new ones if there's a lone vibrator sitting forlornly on the table), then place them on a table in the bedroom, lined up in a formal fashion. Call your partner while they're still at work and say they're needed as a 'test dummy' for a project you're working on that night. When they arrive home, strip them naked and try out each and every toy on them. They have to rate them in order of pleasure.

    8. Play with food: Smear it, insert it, drip it on and lick it off - food is such a versatile sex toy, the possibilities are endless. But don't just think whipped cream, honey and ice cream. Try warmed chocolate sauce, raspberry syrup - hell, bread-and-butter pudding if that's what does it for you! If you're on a diet (what, even in bed? Really?) go for avocados, mangoes, berries and bananas.

    Most foods (bar hot, spicy ones) are safe to smear on the outside of the genitals, but you do need to be careful inserting things. Sugary food can set off yeast infections; oily foods leave a film that has a nasty habit of 'eating' condoms because oil breaks down latex.

    Never, ever squirt or spray anything into the anus or vagina (not even whipped cream) because it's incredibly dangerous. While it's okay to turn your partner off occasionally when trying new things, turning them off permanently isn't the name of the game.

    Food isn't just for smearing, by the way - some people actually eat it! Jumping into bed together, ready to devour a tray full of decadent goodies, is unbeatably hedonistic. Choose bite-size finger foods that look, taste and feel sexy: smoked salmon, strawberries, grapes, chocolate, olives, oysters on ice and asparagus.

    For more exciting bedroom antics, check out A Step-by-Step Guide to Acting out your Fantasies Part 1 and Part 2 from the archives.

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