• How to Give Him a Hot Sexy Massage

    Supersex Massage Oil

    To celebrate the launch of my brilliant new Supersex Massage Oil, a step-by-step guide explaining how to make the most of it seemed the perfect topic for this week’s blog.

    If oral sex is his favourite thing, a close second must be getting spoilt by a hot, steamy massage by a (mostly naked) you!

    Here’s how to do it!

    One word before we get started: Supersex Massage Oil is perfectly safe to use on the genitals because it’s made from natural ingredients but, as with all oil-based products, it’s not compatible with condoms. So, if you’re using other contraception and have both been tested for STIs, feel free to use it on your bits. But if you’re planning on using a condom later, avoid using the oil in that area.

    Also, take turns massaging each other, but not in the same session. There’s nothing worse than having to put all those sensual feelings on hold to reciprocate the minute your partner’s hands leave your body! I’ve written this for a woman to follow but guys, you’ll get the basic idea of how to use the same sort of techniques on her.

    • Schedule it for a time when you have hours to while away. Turn mobiles off and have some sexy tunes playing in the background. Lock the front door and if you have kids, pack them off to granny’s for the afternoon.
    • It’s more pleasurable if both of you are undressed (though he’s probably better keeping his underwear on when it’s his turn to play masseur – an erect penis tends to get bumped about a bit!). Although, if you really want to make his day, wear a pair of sexy crotchless knickers, push-up bra and high heels while doing it. Aim to spend at least an hour seriously plying him with your hands.
    • You can do the massage either on the floor with you kneeling beside him, on the bed, or on any appropriate-height piece of furniture. Get him to lie face down and cover all the bits you’re not massaging with towels.
    • Start by warming some Supersex Massage Oil between your palms. (Don't drop it directly onto his skin - it's cold!). Now gently stroke the oil along his back, covering the whole area, right down the middle of his buttock cheeks. Skim your fingertips very lightly over the skin to make it super-sensitive (this is the bit where he gets goosebumps) before moving onto firmer strokes. You don't need to be a professional because almost anything feels good but you could try some or all of the following strokes:

    Circling: Make firm circular movements with the hands, working outward and away from the backbone (the hand movements mirror each other).

    Gliding: Put your hands on the lowest part of his buttocks, palms flat and fingers pointing towards his head. Use the weight of your body and push both hands up along the spine.

    Thumbstrokes: Use your thumbs in a circular motion to ease muscular tension, particularly in tight areas. Try running your knuckles along either side of his spine for a blissful sensation. Generally, you should always work upward and away from the spine.

    • Make sure you pay attention to every (non-genital at this stage) part of his body during the 'relaxing' part of the session: massage his back and front including his hands, feet, bottom and chest. For the first half-hour, make it more traditional than sexy. For the last half-hour, up the ante and begin to tease mercilessly!
    • Knead his buttocks while he's lying on his front, letting your fingers trail between the cheeks, reaching underneath him to give a teasing squeeze of his penis, which will be erect and desperate for you to fondle it!
    • If you're wearing underwear and heels, take them off to move into the 'no-hands massage'. Add more massage oil and start by straddling his back, then lean forwards and use your breasts and upper body to massage his back, rubbing your breasts and (hopefully erect) nipples into his back. From there, move into sliding your entire body length and genitals (open your legs so he can feel your moist labia) over his back, thighs, and bottom. You're basically climbing all over him and rubbing your body against him at the same time. The bonus with this one is it feels just as good your end as his!
    • Get him to turn and lie face up and start paying attention to his nipples: circle them with your palms and then gently tweak. Let your hands glide dangerously close to his penis, slide right up against the base - but still don't take hold of it.
    • Continue to stroke his inner thighs and lower stomach. You're still not touching his penis, no matter how much it strains towards you.
    • Get him to raise his knees, feet flat on the bed/floor. Now massage his perineum - the bit between his anus and testicles. Press firmly with the pads of your fingers and move in a circular motion.
    • Now's the time to climb on top and let him penetrate. But if you want to be completely indulgent and make this all about his pleasure, you'll take him right through to a solo orgasm - which won't be difficult because after this much foreplay, he'll climax in about one second!
    • Either use a warm flannel to remove any excess oil and put the poor bugger out of his misery with some masterful oral sex, a hand-job or finish him off by applying lube inside a Supersex Stroker and slide it up and down to give him a mind-blowing orgasm.
    • Sit back and accept the compliments - and book in for your turn!

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