• The 5 Best Anal Toys

    Supersex Glass Butt Plug Set

    Think you’ve got the lot when it comes to sex toys? How about any of these big sellers?

    Anal play is now hugely popular with most couples - and these clever devices make it even more enjoyable.

    Take your pick, and while you're shopping, don’t forget to pick up some Supersex Anal Lube - a must-use with most anal toys!

    1. Butt plugs Butt plugs are the perfect beginner’s anal toy because they’re non-threatening to look at (super-cute actually!) and easy to use. You simply apply lube then insert into the anus and leave it there while you continue having sex. Meanwhile, the little plug works to stimulate the highly sensitive nerve-endings inside your rectum to make orgasms feel more powerful and intense. Lots of women love the ‘filled up’ feeling of having one inserted during intercourse - and they’re great preparation for anal intercourse, getting you used to having something inserted where things normally come out, rather than go in!

    Try the Supersex Beginner’s Butt Plug and if you enjoy the experience try some glass butt plugs. They slide in super-easily, are hygienic, easy to clean and perfectly safe (because they’re made from glass that won’t snap, splinter or break).

    My brand new Supersex Glass Butt Plug Set is great because it includes one plug that you leave in place and another massage-style plug that has a handle so can be angled, rocked and twisted once inserted. Perfect for prostate play and targeting the male ‘G-spot’.

    2. Vibrating butt plugs The next step up is to buy a plug that vibrates, like the Supersex Vibrating Butt Plug. Add lube and insert it while having solo sex. Or, while she’s got the plug inserted, give her oral sex, play with her breasts, spank her bottom or insert your fingers or a dildo or vibrator into her vagina. If he’s wearing the plug, give him a hand-job or head-job, pinch his nipples or play with his testicles. Plugs are also a brilliant way to create the sense of having a third person in bed with you without the complications of having a threesome in real life.

    3. Anal beads They look like something that’s fallen out of your child’s toy box and are an incredibly simple device, but anal beads are extremely effective and hugely popular. Add lube and then slowly insert inside the anus, one by one. You can insert them and leave them in place, like you would a butt plug, or pull them out just before orgasm. Or you can insert and pull them out several times in the one sex session, making the beads the main event. Supersex Anal Beads do the trick nicely. If you enjoy that feeling, also check out an anal prober like the Supersex Silicone Beaded Anal Prober. It’s bigger, curved and brilliant for role-play, teasing and power games.

    4. Glass dildos Glass dildos are great value because you can use them in so many different ways - including anal play (though only use a dildo with a flared end anally to be safe). Apply lube and insert, holding on to one end and angling it to where it feels good. Alternatively use the dildos during role-play or power games. The Supersex Glass Dildos Set features two dildos in different designs for completely different effects in use. The smaller pink one features a bulbed tip and gentle curve that’s perfect for P-spot (prostate) massage, which the S-shaped dildo features a beaded end that's ideal for incremental anal insertion. As glass is a temperature-responsive material, both can be heated up or cooled down in water before use for an extra dimension of sensation.

    5. Anal douche If you’re a fan of anal play with toys, you’re probably also into rimming or analingus (licking around and inside the anus) or anal intercourse. Douching is popular for devotees of either because it can make you feel more confident and clean. The Supersex Anal Douche has a flexible tip that fits comfortably for safe and effectively anal cleansing, though don’t get into the habit of over-douching (all that does is irritate!).

    For more advice on anal play, check out The Anal Sex Prep Guide: Part 1: Anatomy, Prep and Protection, Part 2: Fingering and Rimming, Anal Sex Prep Guide: Part 3: Positions and Techniques and Part 4: Troubleshooting.

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