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    Most of us rush through our solo sex sessions, seeing them more as scratching an itch rather than time to relax and explore our own bodies. But having sex solo is the perfect time to let your wicked side emerge, without fear of being judged. Trying a new technique can lead to more intense orgasms - and more of them. The more ways you can climax, the more orgasms you’ll have.

    The next time you’re in the mood for a little self-indulgence...

    Watch yourself in a mirror:

    Why: You’ll see how you look when you’re turned on and the sexy expressions you make when you orgasm. Plus you see exactly what you’re doing with your fingers or sex toy so it’s easier to give instructions to a partner. Often what we think we’re doing is different to what we’re actually doing.

    Position: Lie on the bed in front of the mirror (a portable full length is ideal or alter the angle of your mirrored wardrobe doors) with your knees up and legs apart or sit up, cross-legged, with your back against the bedhead or wall.

    Try pressing the soles of your feet together to increase tension in the groin. You could also have your laptop beside you, so you can simultaneously watch erotica online.

    Technique: Start by using your fingers to stroke yourself through your knickers. Then pull them off or to one side, add a good dab of Supersex Lubricant or Supersex Orgasm Gel and use the middle right-hand finger to make slow circles around the clitoris. Watch how it grows as it engorges with blood; alternatively, rub side to side or 'flick' the clitoris, strumming it the way you would a guitar.

    Include the odd 'dipping' movement, by putting one or two fingers inside, to help transfer the lube from the vagina to the clitoris. It gets dry quickly, so either apply more lube or lick your fingers to recharge the lube that's already there.

    Now bring your favourite vibe into the mix: take your pick from many styles and shapes like the Supersex Bullet Vibe, a Supersex Rechargeable Rabbit, Supersex Pleasure Wand, Power Vibe or Silicone Wand Vibrator.

    Turn it on and buzz against the clitoris or watch it move in and out of you.

    Keep your eyes OPEN when you orgasm, to get a rare glimpse of your orgasm face. (And don't freak if you think you look weird - everyone has the same reaction. No matter what faces you make, it's a damn site sexier than someone whose expression doesn't change!)

    Masturbate in semi-public:

    Why: Because the danger of discovery adds spice to the act. It's your dirty little secret that keeps you hot long after you've finished - not to mention makes a far more interesting answer to 'How was your day, darling?'.

    Where: Try masturbating in the toilet: at work, on a plane or at a party. Do it while you're driving or under a blanket on a long, boring plane flight. Position yourself so the jet of a swimming pool or Jacuzzi makes a direct hit to your clitoris. Or do it sitting in a chair with your legs spread, one leg over each chair arm, sitting in front of a window.

    Technique: The place dictates the technique. If you're doing it in a silent environment, use your fingers or rub against something. The drone of a plane rather effectively cancels out the quiet buzz of a discreet vibrator. One girl I know can bring herself to orgasm (and continue a conversation) by sitting on the floor with her legs tucked under her, heel pressed firmly against her clitoris. Feeling both hungry and horny? Insert a Supersex Remote Love Egg, put the controls in your pocket, then set off for your local café or supermarket, turning the device on and off whenever it takes your fancy.

    Rub against something:

    Why: It's one of the ways lots of women have their first ever orgasms, usually when they're quite young. You're either too scared to actually touch 'down there' or don't really understand why it feels good to rub against something but either your pillow or (somewhat startled) teddy bear suddenly has a new purpose!

    Most women move into more 'mature' masturbation techniques (fingers or a vibrator) as they get older but going back to using pressure and friction to climax makes you recall those first, intense, teenage experiences making adult solo sex sessions super-hot.

    Position: Try lying on your stomach with your genitals pressed firmly into the bed with a pillow or cushion between your legs to rub against. Or lie on your back with a blanket or pillow between your legs and use your hands to hold either side to keep the pressure firm.

    If that's not doing it for you, try using your fingers but also a pillow or crunch your legs tightly together to increase the pressure. You can also sit on the floor and thrust against the leg of a chair.

    Technique: Remember when you were too young to go 'all the way' but used to hump against your boyfriend/girlfriend's leg and hip for stimulation? This is what you're doing here.

    Generally, you hold the object still and move against it, rather than the other way around; or try pulling a sheet or blanket through your legs rhythmically.

    Experiment and 'arrange' your genitals so the thrusting feels pleasurable. Most women thrust quite hard, keeping up a steady rhythm until they climax. Placing a cupped hand over the entire genital area and moving it while you're pushing against something is also popular.

    Increase the pressure and clench your thigh and bottom muscles and pelvic floor muscles as you move towards orgasm and fantasise wildly, conjuring up someone/something hot/sexy/forbidden you're pushing against!

    Try temperature play:

    Why? Because the feeling of hot and cold objects on erogenous zones makes bored nerve endings, desensitised by the same old stimulation, jump to attention! You can use ice cubes or hot/warm wax (always test on the inside of your wrist first). But glass dildos are perfect for temperature play because they stay both hot or cold long enough for you to get serious about solo foreplay and they're great for teasing and inserting.

    Position: Try squatting, standing up or leaning against a wall rather than just lying back on the bed (though it helps to be near one if your legs go all wobbly!)

    Technique: Heat or cool Supersex Glass Dildos by leaving them in a bowl of hot or ice-cold water for a few minutes, then wiping dry. Then use the dildos to caress your nipples, the opening to your anus and the clitoris as well as to thrust in and out of your vagina and/or anus. Once penetrated, contract your vaginal muscles around the dildo to ensure it makes full contact inside the vaginal canal.

    If you can orgasm through penetration alone, thrusting in and out might be all you need, if not, grab your trusty vibe and use it on your clitoris to finish yourself off.

    For more advice on new masturbation techniques, check out Sex Advice: 7 Ways to Spice Up Your Masturbation from the archives. For more masturbation motivation, check out Sex Advice: 10 Reasons Why Masturbation is Good For You.

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