• 5 New Ways to Give Her the Best Oral She's Ever Had

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    So you know about the 'V' (making a V with your fingers and licking between), you've drawn the alphabet on her clitoris (to ensure you're covering the whole thing) and know you have to settle in for a good twenty minutes (the time it takes most women to climax)? Now it's time to add a few more strings to your bow!

    1. Discover new hot spots

    Sure, you know where the clitoris is, but what about the fourchette or her frenulum?

    The fourchette is an area of mucous membrane where the outer lips of the labia meet, at the bottom of the vaginal entrance. 'Fourchette' means 'little fork' in French. Don't just focus on the glans during oral sex, explore all of these quirky areas with a soft, lapping tongue.

    Men aren't the only ones with a frenulum, women have them too! (Well, we all have lots of them on our body, actually, including the little flap under our tongues!). Her frenulum is just below the clitoris, where the tops of the inside edges of the inner labia lips meet.

    Like the piece of skin on underside your penis, where the shaft and head meet, her frenulum is highly sensitive and packed with nerve-endings.

    2. Try the Mount Method

    If you like the sound of this, buy the ebook The Mount Method (Mark Coriddi) for full instructions from the brilliant Good In Bed website.

    Put simply, the Mount Method involves pressing your 'mount' (the area of your upper lip, just above your teeth) against her 'mount' (the centre of the pubic bone, where there's a slight cradle into which your mount fits).

    Once in place, you stay connected during the whole oral sex session - with explosive results.

    The reason why it works so effectively is that certain areas of her vulva respond best to pressure and 'mounting' is the best way to do this.

    To find her mount: Press bottom-centre of her pubic bone with your fingers until you find the edge that tips inward. This edge is her mount.

    To find your mount: Curl your upper lip firmly down, tight over your teeth, and use the area over the roots of your front teeth. The bit between your nose and lip is the centre of the mount.

    Once you've made contact: Try light pressure at the start, then keep it firm but not too hard. Before you go there, get her to agree to tell you whether to press harder or softer without you having to break contact.

    3. Bring up the rear

    Spread your hands wide and take a firm grip of her bottom. Squeeze and start rotating in big, wide circles. This feels good because it indirectly stimulates the anal area - a highly sensitive area for women as well as men. If she's not shy and enjoys anal play, inserting a well-lubed finger into her anus while licking her is also a very, very good idea.

    4. Ignore what you've seen in porn

    They've pulled back and exaggerated the tongue movements so you can see what's going on. In real life, it's unlikely she'll see anything other than the top of your head squashed between her thighs (though if you kneel in front of her, lift her legs and get her to rest her ankles on your shoulders, she'll get a much better view!). Flicking with a tensed tip of the tongue is another porn favourite that some women like but lots don't. The most popular technique is to use the whole flat of your tongue and wiggle it or lick, slowly and consistently, in between the inner lips and around and over the clitoris.

    5. Make noise

    If you're trying to help tip her over the edge into orgasm, moan to let her know you're as turned on as she is. A brilliant compliment to say to her afterward: "I almost came when you did, that was such a turn on!". If she likes penetration, make sure your hands are as busy as your mouth by inserting a finger/s inside, reaching up to play with her breasts or putting your thumb inside her anus.

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