• More Orgasms For Her... Faster Part 1

    Tracey Cox Dare

    Sex isn't about the destination, it's the means of travelling. A nice sentiment, but if it takes five buses, two trains and a plane to get you to Destination Orgasm, the journey can get a tad tedious!

    Up the number and intensity of your orgasms by trying any (and all) of the following:

    Prime yourself for sex by turning yourself on beforehand

    You're out to dinner with friends? As he's talking, think about what that tongue will do to you later, how much better his fingers would feel inside you rather than wrapped around a beer glass...

    Read erotica before you're about to have sex, to get yourself in the mood. (There are plenty of sexy stories in my fantasy book Dare: What happens when fantasies come true.)

    Discover your own orgasm fingerprint

    As much as most orgasms follow a similar pattern, they vary enough between individuals for some experts to claim we each have our very own 'orgasm fingerprint'.

    One theory about female orgasm says there are two distinct nerves responsible for the two different 'basic' orgasms (clitoral and front wall). The pudendal nerve goes to the clitoris and the pelvic nerve goes to the vagina and uterus. Because the pudendal has more nerve endings, this could be why women have more clitoral than vaginal orgasms. The two nerves actually overlap in the spinal chord - which may explain why women are able to have 'blended' orgasms (clitoral and front wall simultaneously).

    Several factors seem to influence whether women have both multiple and vaginal orgasms: the strength of their pelvic floor muscles, the sensitivity of their front vaginal wall and other internal spots and their motivation to keep trying different stimulation and orgasm triggers.

    Fit foreplay to your mood

    If you're feeling really turned on, you might have more chance of orgasm if you hastily apply some Supersex Love Lube and getting your partner to penetrate with no foreplay at all. If you're so-so sexy, lots of oral sex might be necessary to get you even close to the big O.

    The better he can control his orgasm, the better your chances of having more of them

    As you're stimulating him, get him to tell you how he's feeling by rating it on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the can't-go-back-now point). Drive him to distraction by revving him up to a seven or eight, then slowing it down again, several times over, before letting him go all the way.

    If he starts to feel out of control, try giving him a squeeze.

    Squeezing the base of the penis firmly for a few seconds can delay ejaculation. Or simply stop stimulation completely for a minute or two.

    Decide what sort of orgasm you're aiming for

    If it's clitoral, choose a position where you or he can easily reach around to stimulate your clitoris with your fingers (or better still, hold a small vibrator there (the Supersex Rechargeable Bullet Vibe, Supersex Pleasure Wand or G-Spot Vibe are perfect for this).

    It's not cheating to use your or his hands or a vibrator on your clitoris during intercourse, it's simply acknowledging that's how our bodies work!

    If it's a front wall (G-spot) orgasm you want, try 'doggie-style' or you on top so his penis is angled the right way. Spread your vaginal lips once he's inside and press them against him to get maximum friction on your clitoris and the area surrounding the urethra (the bit you pee out of). There's plenty of evidence to prove this area is also packed with nerve-endings.

    How he thrusts is also incredibly important: the traditional 'jack hammer' style - deep, repetitive in-and-out thrusting - is about as effective as using a fork to spread butter. Instead, get him to grind his pelvis and move in circles, rather than up and down. The aim is to keep as much of the base of his penis as possible in contact with the whole of the vulva. Keep thrusting short and shallow rather than deep and fast.

    Discover more ways to tip into climax with The Four Best Ways to Make Her Orgasm. Learn the tricks of the simultaneous orgasm trade with Sex Advice: How to Come Together.

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