• How to Touch a Naked Man

    Supersex Sensation Stroker

    A guided tour of his hottest sex spots and clues on whether to lick, touch, kiss or caress once you've found them. Let's start at the top and work our way downward...


    Most people adore having their hair brushed or played with (and if he doesn’t, it’s usually a sign he’s not in touch with himself - or you. Often it means he’s uncomfortable with intimacy.)

    A head massage isn’t something he’s likely to ask for (it’s a bit girly), but most won’t knock one back if on offer and once experienced, he’ll be begging for more.

    It’s easy to do: simply make like a hairdresser who’s massaging in the conditioner.

    Spread your fingers and nestle them in his hair, then use the pads to massage in a firm, circular motion. You should feel the entire scalp move in response.

    Arms and Underarms

    Lots of women go weak at the knees at the mere sighting of a firm, veiny forearm.

    Others can’t take their eyes (and hands) off bulging biceps.

    A man’s arms symbolise power and virility, so it’s fitting that the skin there is thick and needs a firm touch.

    Start by stroking your fingers up the sides of his arms, then use your whole palm once you hit the shoulders to swirl around and massage briefly, before running your palm all the way down again.

    Make it sexier by lifting his arm and planting your mouth directly into his armpit before swirling your tongue around in large circles (yes, best tried directly after a shower, but don’t be a wimp).

    He’s on top and you’re enjoying a particularly passionate session? Bite the flesh on his shoulders - it’s a novel twist on the old rake-fingers-down-back mentality.


    Not only does it make the perfect pillow to snuggle up on, it also responds rather nicely to fingertip touches and strokes with your whole hand and tongue.

    Vary the pressure for better stimulation (though it’s always best to work up from gentle to firm, rather than the other way around).

    If you’ve got long hair, use the tips of it to tickle him.

    The only no-no: diving directly for the nipples. Instead, stroke everywhere but.

    Trail your fingertips up and down the sides of his torso (feels delicious because it’s a supersensitive area), then move on to brush your entire palm across his chest, ever-so-gently, so you’re skimming the hair rather than the skin. Alternate with fingertip ticking and then (and only then) tweak his nipples between thumb and third finger before licking and lightly nibbling.


    If running your hand over his six-pack rates up there as one of life’s greatest pleasures, you’ll be reassured to know it feels pretty good his end too.

    His tummy is packed with pleasure points - most particularly from his belly-button down to the pubic bone.

    Follow that lovely trail of pubic hair downward, stroking lightly with fingertips or tongue.

    Then, kneeling beside him, place both hands flat on his stomach and working from side to side (rather than up and down toward his head and toes), move one hand in one direction and the other in the opposite, gliding continuously in a backward/forward motion.


    The back has plenty of nerve endings so use your hair, fingertips, hand and whatever else you fancy to make the most of stimulating them.

    Start by using both hands to gently stroke up the back of his neck, then move each hand off to either side and let your fingers trail down the sides of his torso, before moving back up to the centre of his spine.

    With both hands working in unison, alternate between light tickles and a firmer massage motion.

    Finish by concentrating feather-light strokes on his lower back, just above his bottom.

    This area’s psychologically super-sexy because if you kept going downward you’d hit the bits that are by now straining to get in on the act.


    The V-shape that’s formed from his groin to his hip bones is a favourite with loads of women because it points to his No 1 body part. Which is why it’s such a tease to trace it with fingers or tongue on the final run to home base.

    The hips are one of the most overtly erotic body parts with jutting bones making subconscious allusions to his erection.

    A surety if you look him straight in the eyes, plant your hands firmly on each hip and pull him toward you to grind yours against his.


    The crease where his torso meets the front of the thigh is a hot zone on both sexes.

    Use your tongue to lollypop-lick upward until you hit the base of the penis where you… suddenly stop.

    Follow this frustration builder by pressing your thumbs into the crease, massaging your way from his hip down to his inner thigh. Switch stimulation by kissing, licking and nibbling your way up the outside of his thighs, then take mercy by doing the same on the inside.


    The part where the top of his thighs meet his bottom doesn’t just look good, it’s extremely sensitive and a great tease zone because if you moved your fingers or tongue a fraction of an inch, you’d hit the perineum or scrotum.

    Use a light, tickle on his buttock cheeks to start, then move into a firm, circular, kneading motion. (Don’t be surprised if he jumps a little to start with – a lot of guys store tension in their bottoms and it can get quite knotted up!)

    If you really want to make his day, lightly spank.

    Buttocks also make a great sexual steering wheel during intercourse: grab it and use your hands to show him how deep and fast you want him to thrust.


    In one survey, 99 per cent of men said they loved it when women played with their testicles.

    But be gentle - the sensitivity which makes them susceptible to pleasure, makes them equally vulnerable to pain.

    Another ouch - moving both testicles in opposite directions.

    Instead, hold them between your fingers and thumb and roll them gently, slowly and lightly using the pads of your fingertips.

    After a few minutes, change into a tickling stroke: put your hands underneath, so they’re resting gently on your fingers, then using the pads, tickle them. The lighter the pressure, the more exquisite the sensation.

    As well as being physically pleasurable, there’s another lovely psychological kick when you touch him here because his ‘balls’ are as much a sign of his masculinity as his penis.


    There are lots of blogs devoted to how to excite his most excitable area. You can’t go wrong with this basic technique though.

    While he’s got his eyes shut, squeeze a big blob of Supersex lubricant into your palms, hold them together until it heats up, then make a fist and grasp the penis firmly before sliding up and down the shaft, closing your fist as you go up and over the head.


    It’s the smooth, hairless bit between his anus and scrotum that feels heavenly when massaged firmly with your first two fingers being unbelievably rich in nerve endings.

    Some guys call it the ‘quick-come’ button because if you press it when he’s close to orgasm, it often causes him to let go.

    Try using a pumping motion with the pads of your fingers (press then release, in a rhythmic fashion) or press and hold.

    Holding still, maintaining just the right pressure, can anatomically actually result in him experiencing the sensation of an orgasm, without ejaculation. (Though this is highly individual and, in my experience and from feedback, takes rather a lot of practise to achieve!)


    About 60 per cent of men enjoy anal stimulation (though that figure seems to be rising all the time). The rest consider it strictly an ‘exit-only’ zone and would rather stick pins in their testicles than have anything stuck up there.

    See which camp he’s in by testing his reaction first.

    When he’s lying face down on the bed, plant a trail of kisses down his spine, heading very obviously toward his bottom.

    If his moans get louder and he starts making mild thrusting motions against the bed (discreetly massaging the massive erection he’s getting at the mere thought of what you’re about to do), it’s not only safe for you to proceed, he’s desperate for you to.

    In this case, make his day by holding the cheeks apart and tracing the outside of his anus with your tongue.

    Inserting it inside will send him soaring into the next time zone but if that thought makes you a tad queasy and like you really wish you hadn’t had that burger for lunch, insert a well-lubricated finger instead.

    If it’s a no-go zone, the moaning will stop as those kisses move downward, his bottom cheeks will clench together and he’ll start shifting nervously and half sitting up.

    Shift direction and he’ll relax again - and you’ll still get a big gold star for being sexually adventurous and willing to explore new territories!

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