• 8 New Ways to Thrust

    Thrusting banana

    If you were to film a standard sex session, 95 per cent of men would be thrusting in the conventional way: in-out-in-out (yawn and repeat). Same speed, same depth, same hip motion, same bloody everything.

    Like or loathe spiritual sex, ancient Hindu text the Kama Sutra can never be accused of dishing out dreary advice.

    Here to the rescue of the average bored couple are lots of different thrusting techniques to choose from.

    I’ve written these from a straight couple perspective but some (not all) will work for anal intercourse (avoid the deep and fast moves) or pegging (her penetrating him wearing a harness and dildo).

    Churning: He grasps his penis in his hand, at the base, then moves it in circles inside the vagina.

    Double-edged sword: He strikes sharply downwards into the vagina. This is the opposite to modern thinking which has brainwashed both of you to always aim for the front vaginal wall (the bit under the belly) because that’s where the G-spot is. This is a totally different sensation - rather nice too!

    Rubbing: She raises her hips by putting a pillow under her bum, he thrusts in a rising (upward) motion.

    Buffeting: He pulls out completely and then penetrates again with a fast, hard stroke. Some women (like me) wince rather than melt at the thought of this one, so check before plunging right in there!

    Boar’s blow: He puts continuous pressure on one side of the vagina. Recent evidence shows one side of the clitoris is nearly always more sensitive on most women, so it’s not wild conjecture to imagine the same applies elsewhere!

    Bull’s blow: He thrusts wildly in all directions like a bull tossing his horns. Reserve for long-time lovers or risk looking a like an over-enthusiastic loon.

    Sporting of a sparrow: He makes rapid, shallow in and out strokes.

    Piercing: She lies on her back and keeps her pelvis low (don’t raise your hips). He then lies high up on her body (CAT - Coital Alignment Technique - disciples will be familiar with this one) and penetrates. The penis is parallel to the vulva, so when he moves in and out, it pulls on and stimulates the clitoral area.

    Inspired to learn more on the art of knocking boots? Check out Tracey’s illustrated Top 10 Sex Positions post for more ideas to freshen up your sex life.

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