• How to take toys through airport security (and other toy travel tips)

    How to take toys through airport security

    There's nothing sexier than a hotel room - which is why more than 50 per cent of couples say they're far more likely to have sex on holiday than at home.

    We're also more likely to have adventurous sex - which usually means packing props like hot lingerie and some of your favourite sex toys.

    Anyone who has ever travelled with a sex toy in their hand luggage usually has a story to tell - most involving gleefully mischievous (or downright nasty) security staff who tend to pounce, then parade them for all to see.

    The good news is there have been a few incidents of staff humiliating passengers who've pressed charges so it's less likely to happen than before.

    But never say never: board embarrassment-free by following these simple tips.

    What to pack in your hand luggage

    If you’re checking in baggage, I’d strongly advise putting all your sex toys into your main suitcase.

    It’s actually legal (in most countries) to carry things like handcuffs if you are only taking carry-on luggage but otherwise, why would you attract attention?

    Course, if it’s a long-haul flight and you plan to do more than sleep, you might want to slip in a small, discreetly shaped vibe (a powerful bullet vibe or one that’s pebble-shaped, rather than long and cylindrical) and prepare to brazen it out if challenged.

    Sometimes staff will ask you what it is for genuine reasons (they’re naïve and/or have never seen one in that shape before and are worried it’s a security risk).

    More often, they know exactly what it is but want to liven up an otherwise boring day by putting you on the spot.

    If this happens, just look them directly in the eye when asked to explain and simply say it’s a sex toy (your vibrator, personal device): the less embarrassed you look, the less fuss they’ll make.

    If you’re bringing lube with you, remember it’s a liquid so has to conform to requirements (less than 100ml). Buy some travel-size pouches or pack it with the rest of your cosmetics in check-in luggage.

    Also be aware that you aren’t allowed to pack anything longer than seven inches in hand luggage.

    You might not intend clubbing someone over the head with your rabbit, but the fact is, you could!

    Remove the batteries

    Swear all you like it’s your toothbrush but no one’s going to believe you.

    If you’re packing a vibrating toy in your hand luggage, remove the batteries (and store in your main luggage - you can’t travel with batteries in your hand baggage).

    If your toy is rechargeable, you could make sure it’s almost out of power (though note the point about compatible chargers!); also check to see if it has a travel lock function, which locks the controls so it can't be set off accidentally.

    Put it in a see-through bag

    Security staff wear gloves for a reason: they’re touching hundreds of items that don’t belong to them every day.

    The last thing you want is those same hands all over your vibrator, so put it in a clear plastic bag so they won’t need to pull it out to have a look.

    Pack plug adapters

    Nothing is more frustrating than laying all those sexy goodies on the bed in anticipation, then realising you haven’t got the right plug adapter to charge them.

    Do a quick Google beforehand to check you’ve packed the right plug for the right country.

    Check your destination

    Some countries won’t allow you to bring in sex toys - and you might be surprised which!

    You could have them confiscated if you’re headed to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, Thailand (yes really), Vietnam, India, Maldives (again, really?), Malaysia and Alabama.

    If in doubt, check first!

    Buy something when you arrive

    If you’re going to a Western country and travelling with your nan, you might want to avoid any sort of embarrassment by simply sneaking out while she’s having an afternoon nap, and buying an cheap, inexpensive toy once you’ve arrived.

    So which toys are worth smuggling through security? Check out The best sex toys to tease for Tracey's recommendations. Thinking about joining the mile high club? Pay heed to Tracey's video advice on How to have a quickie.

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