• Quick fixes for common erection problems

    Quick fixes for common erection problems

    Want to look bigger - instantly, stop the condom falling off, or have stronger erections more quickly? You’re in the right place.

    You want your penis to look bigger tonight

    Trim or shave your pubic hair and you’ll not just look bigger (the pubic hair hides some of it), she’ll be more inclined to want to give you oral.

    Use small scissors that aren’t too sharp, using one hand to hold yourself steady as you trim the excess first: you can go all the way and use a razor and a steady hand after that.

    Another great way to make your penis look bigger is to lose weight around your tummy. Granted that won’t happen before 7pm tonight but it’s an idea for the long-term.

    You want the condom to stop falling off

    If you lose your erection with condoms, try wearing larger and thinner condoms and add a penis ring or vibrating penis ring to hold it in place.

    You want to make sure you last

    Pop on that condom to reduce sensation or masturbate just before the session. Also check out my video on how to last longer in bed.

    You want quicker, stronger erections

    Dr Barbara Keesling is a Canadian sex therapist with literal hands-on experience - she worked as a sex surrogate - jumping into bed with couples to fix their sexual problems (and no I haven’t and aren’t likely to anytime soon).

    Not only is she rather gorgeous, she gives good sex advice.

    I can’t top her following two tips, so these are based on info in her book Sexual Pleasure:

    For quicker erections

    There's evidence that slowly massaging the base of the penis and squeezing the shaft, with lube or in the shower for five minutes a day, works. (Use the opposite hand that you usually use on yourself and you'll be less likely to get aroused. You're massaging not masturbating.)

    The idea is to relax your PC muscles: the more relaxed they are, the more easily the base of your penis will fill with blood. You should see results in about three weeks and notice it takes less time to get aroused.

    Penis pumps also perform the same function.

    For stronger erections

    Most men tighten their PC muscle when they feel an erection about to happen. This works momentarily but after that, it does the opposite and constricts the blood flow. The next time you feel your penis start to fill with blood, consciously relax.

    Get her to help retrain your penis: She lies on the bed next to you and stimulates you. If you feel yourself tense when you start to become erect, tell her and get her to stop the stimulation. (Yes, you must). Consciously relax your PC muscle then get her to continue. Repeat a few times a week for a month to ensure relaxing then becomes habitual.

    Please note: If you're experiencing persistent erection problems, please speak to a doctor.

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