• 13 things I bet you didn't know about the penis

    13 things I bet you didn't know about the penis

    Forget chatting about the weather, Brexit or how much you hate your job. Slip some penis trivia into your next conversation and watch everyone suddenly stand up and pay attention. Here's some stats and facts guaranteed to keep them amused!

    1. The tissue that surrounds the penis is more durable than the tissue that surrounds the brain.
    2. Teenage erections last for up to an hour while the average man aged 20-40 can keep an erection for around 40 minutes. Between 66 and 70, you’re lucky to last seven.
    3. If you’ve got large testicles you’re more likely to cheat and will want sex 30% more than other ‘average’ guys. Well, that’s what one study turned up.
    4. Two in every thousand men can give themselves fellatio. The quality, however, is debatable.
    5. Testicles suddenly disappear during sex for a reason - they’re getting out of the way of any rough stuff. Clitorises do the same thing, ducking back under the hood if play gets too rough.
    6. Use it or lose it. The more often you have sex, the less likely you’ll be to suffer erection problems later on. One Scandinavian study followed 1,000 men aged between 55 and 75 for a five-year period. Men who had sex less than once a week were twice as likely to develop erectile dysfunction as men who had sex at least once a week.
    7. Between half and one teaspoon is what the average man ejaculates. You’ll do this in between three to 10 spurts, about .8 seconds apart at a speed of around 25-28 miles an hour.
    8. Circumcision does not reduce risks of penile cancer or STIs. That old chestnut was fed to parents who questioned the wisdom of cutting off their son’s foreskins.
    9. Studies prove you really can’t predict the size of someone’s penis by the size of their feet, their nose or the distance between the top of their middle finger and bottom of the hand (though personally, I’m sticking with that one). Size theories don’t work with animals either - pigs have penises up to 18 inches long (I know, far too much information) and gorillas, bless them, have penises that are two inches long.
    10. Between 15 and 60, the average man will ejaculate 34 to 56 litres of semen containing 350 to 500 billion sperm cells.
    11. Think twice before lighting that cigarette. It’s not just another ploy to make you give up, smokers are twice as likely as non-smokers to become impotent.
    12. Having lots of sex is necessary to keep your penis healthy. Erections flood the penis with oxygen-rich blood, and oxygen is what keeps the muscle tissue inside healthy. A shortage of oxygen can lead to a build up of collagen, which in turn affects his erection. Another reason to keep having regular sex and keep the blood flowing through…
    13. What makes it bent as a banana? Peyronie’s Disease, a bend or curve in the penis, affects up to 4% of the population, commonly men between 40 and 60. They don’t really know what causes it but it appears to be hereditary or caused by ‘trauma’, which can include ‘excessive’ masturbation or intercourse. Plaque or nodules - hardened tissue - form in the shaft of the penis, causing it to bend.

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