• The 10 worst things to do while giving him oral sex

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    Wrapping your mouth around your lover’s penis is one of the most personal, intimate and erotic sex acts of all. Enthusiastically embracing oral sex shows your partner you’re not squeamish and happy to give as well as receive pleasure. Follow this up with good technique and you can’t help but impress.

    Or can you?

    Giving good oral isn’t quite as easy as it looks and many a skilled fellator has been guilty of one of the following. Make sure you aren’t!

    10 worst oral sex sins

    Not using lube or saliva

    They say there’s no such thing as a bad blow-job but if everything is dry, yours might just qualify!

    Lube is best but saliva works (almost) as well. Be liberal with both and don’t be scared to stop to add more of either if and when you need it. (Though obviously not at a crucial point!)

    Not using your hands

    Try to use your mouth only and he’s going to be flopping about all over the place - causing great amusement or awkwardness, depending on how confident you both are.

    Not only that, lips and tongues can only provide so much stimulation. Most of the friction comes from making quite a firm fist with one hand and pumping it up and down his penis, letting your hand follow your mouth.

    Not enjoying it

    An enthusiastic, generously given blow-job triumphs over one delivered unenthusiastically any day - even if the technique is far superior.

    Closing your eyes

    Unless he (or you) are super-shy, one of the sexiest things to do during oral sex is look up and maintain sexy eye contact.

    It also sends a clear message: “I like your penis. It’s attractive and I love having it in my mouth.”

    Using a jerky rhythm

    Most sexual organs respond best to steady, rhythmic simulation.

    It’s fine to alter speed and pressure but make sure there’s some method to your technique rather than a mad five seconds doing one thing then jumping to another.

    As a basic rule, start with slow, gentle stimulation and increase your grip and speed as he moves towards orgasm.

    Obviously speeding to the finish line

    Up there with looking like you’d rather be sticking pins in your eyes than fellating him is doing everything you can to trigger his orgasm two seconds after you’ve started giving him oral sex.

    It really is obvious.

    You might as well come out and say, “I’m bored already. Bloody hurry up!”

    Not asking for feedback

    What reduced your previous lover to a quivering, grateful wreck might leave this one cold.

    It’s great if you’ve got a few signature moves that seem to do the trick but don’t be arrogant about it - or huffy if they dare to suggest a different direction.

    Focusing only on the penis

    Your mouth and hand might be busy but what about the other one?

    Use it to explore his testicles, perineum and anus. Even better, insert a butt plug and leave it in there while you continue fellating him.

    Turn it into a gourmet feast rather than a bog standard mid-week offering.

    Staying silent

    If you’re giving one hell of a head-job, he’ll be groaning and moaning away - and feeling horribly self-conscious if you’re dead quiet.

    Not only is it a turn on if you’re moaning too, why wouldn’t you be when giving pleasure is just as sexy as receiving it.

    Getting all ‘euwwwy’ over semen

    It’s fine if you don’t want to swallow, just keep stimulating him with your hands and let him ejaculate somewhere else exciting (like your breasts, throat or midriff).

    Screw up your nose and look disgusted at what all your hard work has produced and you might as well have not bothered.

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