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    tracey-edge-blazerTracey Cox is proud to introduce EDGE: her brand new range of performance-enhancing sex toys and tools designed specifically for men.

    EDGE is a collection of sex toys created for men looking to increase their stamina in the bedroom. Perfect for use alone or with a partner, the EDGE toys and sex accessories are designed to offer measurable results to your stamina, strength and sexual performance.

    Tracey is set to introduce her range through a series of videos, each one designed to inform and address a range of common sex queries and myths, from what penis pumps are for to tips for lasting longer in bed.

    Whether you're experimenting with toys for the first time or are a seasoned player looking to boost your stamina in the bedroom, EDGE offers a selection of products as well as practical information to help you enhance your sex life.

    Check out Tracey's EDGE collection to discover how this new range for men can boost pleasure and performance during solo and shared use.