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    You want what the rest of the world is having but can’t seem to push yourself over the edge?

    There are two facts you need to accept straight up if you’re going to get anywhere at all.

    First up, it’s unlikely your partner is going to give you an orgasm.

    Secondly, you need to work at it.

    Your first orgasm will almost certainly be achieved solo - I have actually never met a woman who didn't have her first orgasm solo through masturbation. This is pivotal - not just for having your first orgasm but for keeping them (and you) coming.

    You have to learn how to orgasm - it's not an automatic process for women. Practice makes perfect: the more you masturbate, the easier orgasm becomes.

    With those two rules firmly ensconced in your head, let's move on to a practical action plan:

    Supersex Massage Oil

    Want to make her Valentine’s Day really special?

    Start by showing her you understand that women often have less incentive to have sex than men do.


    It takes longer for us to get aroused, and orgasms aren't guaranteed so there’s less motivation to make the effort if we’re not gagging for it.

    (Could you be bothered if you didn’t think there would be a happy ending?)

    So, contrary to public perception, it’s actually more in our interest to mix things up and make sex more appealing than it is men’s.

    Yet women are still very good at saying, “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly do that!’ when we’re secretly thinking, “God, that’s so hot! Please let him make me!”

    Supersex Bondage Tape

    So you know about the 'V' (making a V with your fingers and licking between), you've drawn the alphabet on her clitoris (to ensure you're covering the whole thing) and know you have to settle in for a good twenty minutes (the time it takes most women to climax)? Now it's time to add a few more strings to your bow!

    1. Discover new hot spots

    Sure, you know where the clitoris is, but what about the fourchette or her frenulum?

    The fourchette is an area of mucous membrane where the outer lips of the labia meet, at the bottom of the vaginal entrance. 'Fourchette' means 'little fork' in French. Don't just focus on the glans during oral sex, explore all of these quirky areas with a soft, lapping tongue.

    Men aren't the only ones with a frenulum, women have them too! (Well, we all have lots of them on our body, actually, including the little flap under our tongues!). Her frenulum is just below the clitoris, where the tops of the inside edges of the inner labia lips meet.

    Supertight Stroker

    All hail the hand-job! It might run second to oral sex on those 'What men love most' lists but it's still his favourite thing to do to himself and (sorry!) but even the tightest vagina is still no match for a firm hand-hold.

    It's a technique worth perfecting - and reinventing!

    That's why it's worth investing in each and every one of these must-have hand-job props.

    1. Lubricant

    No self-respecting hand-job master would even think about masturbating without lube. A good-quality personal lubricant like Tracey Cox Edge water-based lubricant means just about anything you do is going to feel great his end. Even the most predictable stroke feels fantastic when everything is slippery, so squeeze it on and don't be stingy!

    Supersex Rabbit Vibrator

    Most of us rush through our solo sex sessions, seeing them more as scratching an itch rather than time to relax and explore our own bodies. But having sex solo is the perfect time to let your wicked side emerge, without fear of being judged. Trying a new technique can lead to more intense orgasms - and more of them. The more ways you can climax, the more orgasms you’ll have.

    The next time you’re in the mood for a little self-indulgence...

    Watch yourself in a mirror:

    Why: You’ll see how you look when you’re turned on and the sexy expressions you make when you orgasm. Plus you see exactly what you’re doing with your fingers or sex toy so it’s easier to give instructions to a partner. Often what we think we’re doing is different to what we’re actually doing.

    Supersex Bullet Vibrator

    In an ideal world, all the people with high sex drives would go out with correspondingly high sex drive people, and all those with low sex drives would do the same.

    Sex would be a lot simpler if we did: studies suggest one in three marriages in Britain and the US struggle with problems associated with mismatched desire.

    Why do we insist on pairing up with people who don’t feel the same way about sex that we do?

    Well, one reason is relationships and love aren’t based entirely on sex. We fall in love and decide to settle down for lots of reasons, not just sexual compatibility.

    The other reason is it’s really hard to tell in the beginning what sort of sex drive your partner has, because in the beginning infatuation hormones push a naturally low sex drive much higher than its true level.

    It's only when those hormones wear off that you both get a good idea of what each of your 'resting' libidos are.

    Supersex Glass Butt Plug Set

    Think you’ve got the lot when it comes to sex toys? How about any of these big sellers?

    Anal play is now hugely popular with most couples - and these clever devices make it even more enjoyable.

    Take your pick, and while you're shopping, don’t forget to pick up some Supersex Anal Lube - a must-use with most anal toys!

    1. Butt plugs Butt plugs are the perfect beginner’s anal toy because they’re non-threatening to look at (super-cute actually!) and easy to use. You simply apply lube then insert into the anus and leave it there while you continue having sex. Meanwhile, the little plug works to stimulate the highly sensitive nerve-endings inside your rectum to make orgasms feel more powerful and intense. Lots of women love the ‘filled up’ feeling of having one inserted during intercourse - and they’re great preparation for anal intercourse, getting you used to having something inserted where things normally come out, rather than go in!

    Tracey Cox Bullet Vibrator

    Yes, yes, we all know you’re going to give up smoking, drink less, eat less and save more. Now, how about making some New Year's sex resolutions you’ll actually want to keep?

    For Her to Promise Him

    I promise...

    To accept sex can’t be perfect. I won’t fall for myths and will set real expectations. You’re right - my best friend probably is lying about all the stuff she gets up to!

    To stop worrying about my weight. I will believe you when you say I look gloriously sexy, even when I’m having a fat day.

    To let you know when I’m feeling like sex and when I’m not. Thing is, I’d cut my arm off for sex at certain times of the month and stick pins in my eyeballs than have it at others. I promise to let you know where I’m at rather than force you to mind-read.

    Supersex Massage Oil

    To celebrate the launch of my brilliant new Supersex Massage Oil, a step-by-step guide explaining how to make the most of it seemed the perfect topic for this week’s blog.

    If oral sex is his favourite thing, a close second must be getting spoilt by a hot, steamy massage by a (mostly naked) you!

    Here’s how to do it!

    One word before we get started: Supersex Massage Oil is perfectly safe to use on the genitals because it’s made from natural ingredients but, as with all oil-based products, it’s not compatible with condoms. So, if you’re using other contraception and have both been tested for STIs, feel free to use it on your bits. But if you’re planning on using a condom later, avoid using the oil in that area.

    Supersex and EDGE collections

    Buying your partner a sexy Christmas present isn’t as simple as it sounds - especially if you’ve only been together a little while.

    How do you know if they’ll find the toy you’ve chosen wildly exciting or freaky and a little too out there? Will they be offended? (Is this a hint that I should last longer? Be bigger? Feel tighter?) Or think they’re boring in bed and you’ve bought something to spice things up?

    Happily, there is a way to navigate all these hot spots and guarantee you’ll be doing more than watching Elf and Bad Santa once the relatives have finally buggered off!

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