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    I’m in my third trimester and have never felt more like sex in my life. Is it safe to continue having intercourse? I don’t want to hurt the baby.


    1. It’s a mood-setter. Start watching to get in the mood, then leave it playing it the background. Glance up now and then to keep things nicely revved up.


    My previous boyfriend used to constantly make fun of the face I make when I orgasm. It’s made me really self-conscious and I’m now dreading having sex with any future boyfriends.

    In this video I tackle a topic that so many people struggle with: is it a good idea to have sex with an ex? Make sure you subscribe to Body Talk to keep up to date with my weekly videos.


    A close male friend has just told me he’s gay. This is after years of me secretly fancying him and hoping that one day he would see me as a potential partner rather than just a friend. Is there any point in telling him how I feel?

    In my latest video for Body Talk, I debunk the 5 sex myths that you really shouldn't believe. Make sure you subscribe to keep up to date with my weekly vlogs!

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