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    My previous boyfriend used to constantly make fun of the face I make when I orgasm. It’s made me really self-conscious and I’m now dreading having sex with any future boyfriends.

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    A close male friend has just told me he’s gay. This is after years of me secretly fancying him and hoping that one day he would see me as a potential partner rather than just a friend. Is there any point in telling him how I feel?

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    My relationship history is pretty sad because of my past (both my parents cheated). I had therapy and understand my ‘patterns’ (I push men away when they get too close or down date so I won’t get hurt).

    Recently I dated a man who was worthy of me and I let him love me back but it’s just ended because he said he wasn’t ready to settle. Does this mean I’m not cured? I feel like I should stick with my ‘safe’ choices because at least then I won’t get hurt again.

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    My girlfriend thinks, as long as the man doesn’t ejaculate inside you, you can’t get AIDS. I think you can. Can you settle this for us?


    I am trying to find a definition of what premature ejaculation is but I keep finding different answers. Could you clarify what it is and why I’m coming up with mixed results.

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