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    Even when I’m really in love with someone, I can’t stop looking at other girls or sneaking the odd snog with someone I fancy. It’s not that I don’t care about the person I’m with, I just seem incapable of being faithful. I’m 30. How do I stop doing this?

    Hot Topic: Can I Stick You In The Deep Freeze For A Year Or Two?

    Ah, timing and why it's so important! What do you do if you’ve finally met someone who ticks all the boxes and is totally, utterly, ridiculously perfect but they just aren’t ready to settle down yet? Do you wait? Shrug philosophical shoulders, walk away and put it down to bad timing? Or do what lots of people do and pretend to move on but spend the next year looking over your shoulder expecting them to reappear, stealthily stalking them online and wanting to hang yourself every time you hear Adele’s Someone Like You?


    Is it dangerous to have regular anal sex? I’m with the same partner so I’m not concerned about STDs just physical damage.


    I used to be mad for sex with my girlfriend but haven’t fancied it for five months now. I don’t know why. I still love her and she’s been understanding but I feel really down about it.

    I recently got promoted at work but am not doing very well at that either. I’m working late and more tired and stressed than usual. Sex used to be the one thing that calmed me down and now that’s gone. How can I get back in the mood again?

    Hot Topic: Is She A Bunny Boiler Or The Future Mother Of Your Babies?

    Last week, I blogged about finding Mr Right rather than Mr Time-Waster. This week it’s his turn. This is far from an exhaustive list but these are pertinent points to focus on when you’re looking for a women to share the rest of your life with. Keep your eyes open, particularly in the first month or so, and see what’s there rather than what you want to see.

    Here's a checklist to help you decide:

    I’ve just answered a question for my Closer column from a woman with a history of choosing not-so-great men, wanting a checklist on what to look for in the next guy to increase her chances of a successful relationship. Course, if I could come up with an absolute no-fail ‘spot the guy who’s not a loser’ checklist, I could close my laptop and be forever sitting by a pool, book in hand and perfect man by my side peeling me grapes. There are always exceptions - but I did take a fairly good stab at it and stand firmly by the results even though I’m sure I’ll get a good lashing by the boys. (Don’t worry - I’ll do one for you next week!)


    My boyfriend wants me to masturbate in front of him. I’m quite a shy person and have never done anything like this before. He wants me to masturbate in front of him because he said it 'turns him on' but I don’t know how to do it without feeling embarrassed. What should I do?

    Hot Topic: The Argument For 'Duty Shags'

    In today’s politically correct climate, suggesting you have ‘duty shags’ – have sex purely because your partner fancies it now and then – is guaranteed to offend. When I first suggested this in my book Supersex for Life, I got more than a few sniffy remarks - and the odd ‘How dare you!.’ But I still stand by it. And hell, someone’s got to say it regardless or we’re all going to end up divorced, celibate or so desperate the old man next door in the button-down cardi looks hot.

    So here it is: if you’re in a long-term, monogamous relationship, I think you should accept that you will have to have sex when you don’t feel like it sometimes. Maybe more than sometimes...


    My new girlfriend is way more experienced than me with sex. She’s had threesomes, slept with a girl - the lot. I’ve only done normal stuff so I lied a bit so she wouldn’t think I was boring. I told her I’d been a swinger and had gone to an orgy and she seemed impressed. She asked lots of questions and so I just made up the answers and we had great sex afterward. Later she asked me what else I’d done, so I started making up other stuff.

    Each story I tell turns her on. She says she finds it hot hearing about my ‘adventures’ but none of it is true! It was a bit of a laugh to begin with but now I really like her. Do I tell her it’s all a lie or keep going with it all? I worry she’ll go off me if she thinks I haven’t done much with sex.

    Oh for God’s sake! I’m writing my Closer Magazine column for the week and answering a question about age-gap relationships.

    The person wants to know if I honestly think age-gap relationships work - she’s contemplating seeing a guy who’s 17-years older/younger (she doesn’t say which). “Is there any hope of it working out?” she asks...

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