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    Happy New Year! My video for Body Talk this week answers the top questions I'm asked about sex by single women.


    I often find myself on the verge of having an orgasm and then unable to actually have one. What can I do to tip myself over the edge?


    What can I do to make myself last longer? Are there any techniques that I can try which will help me stay in control? What do you think of the squeeze technique?

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    I’m having an affair and ironically, sex with my husband has never been better. It’s confusing me. I was all set to leave now I’m not sure.

    Here's my latest video for Body Talk (makre sure you subscribe!). In this video we see what members of the public think of threesomes, and I explain why threesomes are a whole lot better in theory  than in practice.


    I’ve heard that if you make yourself come just before having sex with a woman, it will make you last longer. Is this true? Is it also true that wearing a condom works as well?


    My partner and I are really keen to try anal, and I have been experimenting with anal play for a while now (using fingers etc), but when it comes to actually having doing it I don’t like the idea of how dirty it is. Is there any way to get myself properly clean before we try full anal sex?

    Sex Tips: Can't stop fantasising about someone you shouldn't?Here are some practical tips to help you avoid taking the fantasy any further...

    • Try dismissing it. Most erotic adventures we play in our heads are harmless and make for great masturbation fantasies. Are you worrying unnecessarily?
    • If you feel it’s reached an unhealthy level of frequency or making you feel uncomfortable around the person you’re fantasizing about, give your fantasy a negative ending.
    • Continue to replay the fantasy but end it differently each time - always badly: your partner catches you, they say something horrid, their partner finds out.

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