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    I’ve just tested positive for herpes - oral herpes but on my genitals. My boyfriend is accusing me of cheating but I haven’t slept with anyone but him for years and he frequently gets cold sores on his mouth. Could he have given it to me?


    I’m a pretty ordinary looking bloke - I’m not handsome but I'm not ugly either - but I find it hard to attract women. My mates all seem to pull easily and I don’t think they are any better than me. But I never do and I’m really tired of always having to DIY at the end of a night out. I want the sex they are getting but have no idea what I’m doing wrong. How can I get a girl to sleep with me?


    If you buy something sexy, you should always combine it with a ‘love gift’. Here are some of my top romantic suggestions.


    I love my girlfriend but I’m worried she’s way more into me than I am her. I like her but don’t feel excited about the relationship, like I did with my ex (who dumped me!). We get on okay but it feels like chemistry is missing. I’m not sure whether to continue seeing her in the hope that maybe it develops?

    Choose a ‘fun’ present, rather than a hint your sex life isn’t all it should be.

    Men are much less sensitive about sex toys than women are but you want to spice things up, not give the poor guy performance anxiety! (And on that note, if he buys you something risqué, it doesn’t mean he’s unhappy with your sex life or you, simply trying to add sparkle.) If he’s even remotely sensitive about his penis size, avoid buying any products which claim to make him ‘bigger or harder'. Desensitising creams, designed to make him last longer during intercourse, are a perfect present for that swine of an ex who cheated constantly but best avoided for any guy you’d like to see the New Year in with.


    Get her the perfect gift by remembering to pitch the present to her personality.

    So she’s a shy, retiring type who’s only just allowed sex with the lights on? Rolling up with a gigantic rabbit vibrator, crotchless red underwear and a gimp suit isn’t going to score you brownie points. Neither is watching her unwrap it all in front of her mother - remember to give any sexy present privately and separately.


    I’m not terribly confident about my body but I am a huge fan of sex. I know I shouldn’t worry about wobbly bits but I do and it interferes with my enjoyment. Spare me the lecture about how I should love my body because I am healthy. I need some practical tips on how to be sexy even when I’m having a ‘fat day’.


    I’m 17 and have been with my boyfriend for a year and we’re both ready to have sex. Can you give me some hints on how to make the first time really, really good?


    I’m suddenly single again and in my forties, which I find quite daunting. I also have kids and don’t really have a clue how to juggle new dates and children or when I’m supposed to do it! It feels like the whole dating scene has all changed!


    I’ve just had a caesarian and wondered if you had any tips of what sort of sex positions might be best when I start having sex again. I’m a bit nervous my husband might accidentally knock my stomach.

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