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    My boyfriend has gone off sex completely. He said it was because I put on weight. We didn’t have sex for over a year and although I’ve tried to talk to him about it, he just changes the subject. I’ve recently lost three stone and am slimmer now than when I first met him three years ago. I love him but I really miss sex and am trying very hard not to be tempted to look elsewhere. What can I do to make him get aroused by me again? Or am I wasting my time staying in a sexless relationship?


    My partner and I want to stay together but we don’t see anything wrong with having sex with other people. I guess we want to have what people call an open relationship. Do you have any tips on how to negotiate this so there are no nasty surprises?


    I’m 47 and suffer from erectile dysfunction. I’ve read widely about it and looked on the internet but I am not prepared to accept that it’s something I should be struggling with at my age. There doesn’t appear to be any obvious physical problem as my doctor says I am in perfect health.

    Can you recommend a book that will give me the latest information and research on it, that’s not just full of generalizations?


    I am about to go on a holiday with my girlfriends who are all married.

    We’ve all been with our partners for ages and started talking about what would happen if any of us did anything naughty out there (ie had a one-night-stand) and decided if we adopted the male motto of ‘What happens on tour, stays on tour’ what would be the harm. What do you think?


    I have had a recurring dream where I’m a man not a woman. I do normal things but am ever conscious of my penis.

    What does it mean?


    My girlfriend told me months ago about a sexual fantasy she has which revolves around impregnation.

    We do a lot of role-play anyway but I was wondering how I could spice up the pregnancy aspect of the fantasy. Have you ever encountered this before and do you have any tips?

    Actually getting her pregnant is not what I want – and neither does she. We take plenty of precautions.


    I love the man I’ve been seeing for past eight months but he’s absolutely hopeless in bed. I love sex and it’s really important to me that it’s satisfying and rewarding.

    How can you tell if the sex is going to get better or if it’s a lost cause and I need to move on.


    My boyfriend and I have been out twice, both for two and a half years over a seven year period. We split up in between that and are now in our early twenties.

    During the split, I slept with another person but he didn't. We’re happily back together but the fact that I slept with someone else and he didn’t bothers him.

    Now he’s wondering if him sleeping with someone else would stop him feeling inadequate because I’m the only person he’s ever been with.

    He wants to be with me, but this is getting in the way. Do you think that him having sex with someone else would help our situation?


    I've been with my boyfriend for 18-months but have yet to have an orgasm during sex and haven’t with anyone else either.

    I have a traumatic sexual past. I was raped when I was 17. Although that was two years ago, it's really getting to me that it's affecting my relationship now.

    My boyfriend is not pushy at all and is always very understanding, but I can't help but think I’m disappointing him. What should I do?


    I have met a man who I really like but he told me he’s asexual. Am I right in assuming this means he doesn’t like sex? What does it actually mean?

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