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    I recently went off the pill and found my sex drive increased immediately. Is this normal?

    I want to stay on the pill but don’t like the affect it has on my sex drive.


    I’ve now been seeing my boyfriend for three months and we get on great together. Although he has no problems with touching me before sex, as soon as I attempt to go down on him or touch him he always stops me. He’ll put his hand over his penis to stop me going there.

    I don’t understand! We’ve had intercourse but he just won’t let me touch or fellate him. I wonder if it’s a size issue? It’s weird because he’ll send me sexy texts saying he’d love me to go down on him. But when I try to, he stops me! I don’t understand what’s going on!


    My wife and I have been married for five years and together for 10. Recently, she has completely gone off sex, even to the point of snapping at me if I raise the subject.

    We took a short break together a couple of weeks ago, and as a surprise I bought a G-spot vibe to add a spark to any sex we might possibly have.

    But to my shock and surprise, when presented with it, it seemed to turn her off and she called me a perv saying that ‘those things are for girls who are alone without a penis to play with". I’m at a loss of what to do now.


    I’m 37 and don’t really know how many men I’ve slept with but am guessing it’s over 30.

    The man I’m now with asked me how many before him and I said six, because that’s the average. It’s a lie and I’m terrified he’ll find out. Should I confess?


    I am a gay man of 20 years old and want a relationship so badly but have no one.

    How can I make a guy like me - just one. Anyone!


    Lately I've been 'getting off' to the thought of my boyfriend with another girl. Normally, and I'm the first to admit this, I am the jealous type. I get so paranoid about him being around other women, as he has a history of cheating.

    I usually fantasise about him having sex with another woman, in a threesome involving me, but giving her more attention and getting more pleasure from her. This usually makes me climax, during sex and masturbation.

    I feel so oddly about this. Help!


    I've only had a couple of short relationships but didn’t feel a real connection to any of these guys. I have however noticed a pattern: I fall for guys who either have partners or who are married.

    I would never act on these feelings but it's driving me crazy as I wonder if I will ever feel the same intensity of feelings for a man who is available and who has feelings for me.


    My boyfriend and I want to take things to another level and have a threesome with another girl.

    How do we go about this and where do we find someone who’s up for it?


    My partner watches porn regularly and I have started watching it when I’m alone in the house because it turns me on too. Is this normal, or is it bad?


    I have been out of the dating scene for a very long time because I was married for 12 years. After a painful divorce and some therapy, I finally got out there and have now met a really nice woman.

    Thing is, it’s getting close to crunch time of sleeping together for the first time. I’m incredibly nervous and want to make it super-special but don’t really know how.

    Do you have any tips?

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