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    Lately I've been 'getting off' to the thought of my boyfriend with another girl. Normally, and I'm the first to admit this, I am the jealous type. I get so paranoid about him being around other women, as he has a history of cheating.

    I usually fantasise about him having sex with another woman, in a threesome involving me, but giving her more attention and getting more pleasure from her. This usually makes me climax, during sex and masturbation.

    I feel so oddly about this. Help!


    I've only had a couple of short relationships but didn’t feel a real connection to any of these guys. I have however noticed a pattern: I fall for guys who either have partners or who are married.

    I would never act on these feelings but it's driving me crazy as I wonder if I will ever feel the same intensity of feelings for a man who is available and who has feelings for me.


    My boyfriend and I want to take things to another level and have a threesome with another girl.

    How do we go about this and where do we find someone who’s up for it?


    My partner watches porn regularly and I have started watching it when I’m alone in the house because it turns me on too. Is this normal, or is it bad?


    I have been out of the dating scene for a very long time because I was married for 12 years. After a painful divorce and some therapy, I finally got out there and have now met a really nice woman.

    Thing is, it’s getting close to crunch time of sleeping together for the first time. I’m incredibly nervous and want to make it super-special but don’t really know how.

    Do you have any tips?


    My partner and I lack confidence in bed, partly due to previous relationships. One problem is that we are both givers and have never learnt to receive without feeling uncomfortable.

    While sex is good we second guess or feel uncomfortable which causes interruptions so sex doesn't flow smoothly. We are both very much in love and the best of friends. We make each other feel good.

    But when these interruptions happen it knocks our confidence more, which then causes more problems.

    How do we break the cycle? We want to learn how to receive without feeling selfish and to be more comfortable.


    My girlfriend wants to ‘deep throat’ me but she’s only able to get so far and then gags. She’s been trying to work her way past that part for a few weeks now.

    She’s tried adding lube to my penis and having a few drinks to relax her throat but nothing works.

    I don’t rush or force her and try to help her relax. Is there something we’re not doing?


    My daughter just told me she’s bi-sexual. I’ve always thought saying ‘bi-sexual’ is just another way of saying ‘I’m gay’. What does the research say?


    I was in a loveless marriage and dealt with it by spending a lot of time on 3D virtual websites to satisfy my emotional and sexual needs.

    We have since split but I’m still having relationships with people online and worried it will impact on my future real life relationships.


    I’m in a really difficult situation and not sure what to do to handle it. My sister is going out with a new guy who I find really attractive. I think the feeling is mutual because he flirts outrageously with me when she’s not around.

    I obviously wouldn’t act on anything while he’s with my sister but I don’t actually think she’s that into him and they might end up splitting. If they did, is it OK to date him then?

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