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    My partner and I lack confidence in bed, partly due to previous relationships. One problem is that we are both givers and have never learnt to receive without feeling uncomfortable.

    While sex is good we second guess or feel uncomfortable which causes interruptions so sex doesn't flow smoothly. We are both very much in love and the best of friends. We make each other feel good.

    But when these interruptions happen it knocks our confidence more, which then causes more problems.

    How do we break the cycle? We want to learn how to receive without feeling selfish and to be more comfortable.


    My girlfriend wants to ‘deep throat’ me but she’s only able to get so far and then gags. She’s been trying to work her way past that part for a few weeks now.

    She’s tried adding lube to my penis and having a few drinks to relax her throat but nothing works.

    I don’t rush or force her and try to help her relax. Is there something we’re not doing?


    My daughter just told me she’s bi-sexual. I’ve always thought saying ‘bi-sexual’ is just another way of saying ‘I’m gay’. What does the research say?


    I was in a loveless marriage and dealt with it by spending a lot of time on 3D virtual websites to satisfy my emotional and sexual needs.

    We have since split but I’m still having relationships with people online and worried it will impact on my future real life relationships.


    I’m in a really difficult situation and not sure what to do to handle it. My sister is going out with a new guy who I find really attractive. I think the feeling is mutual because he flirts outrageously with me when she’s not around.

    I obviously wouldn’t act on anything while he’s with my sister but I don’t actually think she’s that into him and they might end up splitting. If they did, is it OK to date him then?


    I want to get an AIDS test but when I asked my GP, he looked horrified and told me they don’t do ‘that sort of thing’. Where do I go to get one done?


    I have a great sex life with my partner and have heard all the horror stories that sex disappears after the baby arrives. Is it true and what can we do to keep things going?


    I don’t have a huge sex drive and my partner constantly hassled me for sex in the past. I said no pretty much all the time and now he’s stopped asking.

    I actually approached him for sex recently, in an effort to patch things up, and he rejected me. I’m confused and also a bit scared. Did I say no once too often?


    Sometimes I find it really easy to come and other times it takes real effort. Why is this and what can I do to make orgasms happen more easily?


    I’ve been with my girlfriend for four months and we have brilliant sex but I want to keep it good by trying new things. In past relationships, the sex goes off after a year or so and I get bored.

    How can I make sure this doesn’t happen with her. I really want to make it work with this one!

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