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    To be really, really good at giving oral sex, you have to be a generous person who enjoys giving as much as receiving. Being able to deliver delicious oral sex has nothing to do with being born with a big tongue, it takes skill – and it says a lot about a person.


    Use 'touch and tease’ for a series of calculated seduction ploys designed to knock a potential target to their knees in a heartbeat...


    Being known as a ‘sexpert’ has its perks (can you think of something more interesting to specialise in?) but it also has its drawbacks...

    Best sex ever

    Was it bedding the person you’d been lusting after for years? Having sex somewhere you definitely shouldn’t? Ticking something off the sex bucket list? Or doing it in a position or place that couldn’t be beaten?

    myths about men and sex

    Why you need to dismiss these silly sex assumptions society makes about men that actually have little or no basis in fact. He’ll thank you for it – and you’ll feel better as well!

    sex contract agreement

    “I promise to have sex with you once a week and come up with something new to try at least twice a month. In return, you promise to kiss me more, spend more time on foreplay and give me lots of compliments in bed.”

    All day sex play

    Another day with your Christmas-padded bottoms glued to the sofa watching box sets? How about trading that for some all-day sex play!

    Anal sex positions

    Anal sex positions can be a lot more imaginative than doing it doggy style. If you're up for some anal action, try any (or all) of these.

    If you're never tried anal sex before, do both of you a favour and read the Anal Sex Prep Guide first but if you're an old hand, all you need is lots of (good quality) anal lube, a wicked glint in your eye and maybe the odd piece of furniture!

    first time lesbian sex

    Sex guru Alfred Kinsey claimed that by the age of 30, one woman in four had felt sexually attracted to another women. By age 40, he said, one in five had had some sort of sexual encounter with another woman.

    first time fisting

    Whether you're finally indulging a lifelong fantasy, ticking off a 2016 resolution before the New Year's Day deadline, or yielding to an idle whim, fisting can be an exhilarating adventure - if you follow strict guidelines. Yes I said strict; fisting is no one's idea of a beginner activity.

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