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    Learn how women work sexually and how to give your partner a great time in bed. In Part 1 we looked at what you need to know about her body, now we look at what's happening in her head, plus what you need to know about giving her handjobs and oral sex...


    Want to give your woman a great time in bed? Get to know how her body works and how to encourage her – and you'll both be saying 'yes, yes, YES!'

    Tracey Cox Supersize Your Orgasm

    Ditch the Easter Egg hunt and head to bed instead this long weekend. Follow this step-by- step guide to deliver a supersized orgasm – one for him, one for her!


    If you're a sexually active female you're likely to encounter both circumcised and uncircumcised penises on your travels. Here's the myth-busting low-down on what it means for both the penis owners and for you.


    Not that any of us really need to justify indulging in a solo sex session, but here are 13 reasons why you should do it more, not less!


    It's not just a case of locking lips: try the throbbing kiss or the bent kiss, indulge in a spot of tongue fighting, and try out the technique rumoured to make a woman climax purely by kissing.


    Bigger erections, transformed everyday positions and out-of-this-world orgasms. What are you waiting for?

    Age proof your libido

    There's lot of new research suggesting sex actually gets better with age.


    Lots of other body parts hog the limelight when it comes to sex, but the organ which he probably appreciates the most is the tongue...


    To be really, really good at giving oral sex, you have to be a generous person who enjoys giving as much as receiving. Being able to deliver delicious oral sex has nothing to do with being born with a big tongue, it takes skill – and it says a lot about a person.

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