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    I have never ever had an orgasm during sex. And I have never had one by myself unless my legs are poker straight.

    Even if they are a little bent, nothing! I started masturbating when I was younger and got into the habit of having my legs straight, and ever since then find it difficult to find a sexual position where this works. What should I do?


    I’m horniest during my period but it’s not only messy, my tummy and cervix are sensitive during this time. Do you know a good position to overcome this?


    I met and married my husband very quickly as it was love at first sight but just a few months after our honeymoon, I found out he was setting his alarm clock an hour early to get up and go downstairs to masturbate to internet porn.

    My whole world fell apart but we got through it. We have now split as I found out he was masturbating in the loo at work as well as continuing doing this at home, without ever wanting sex with me. When I asked him why he did it, he said he wanted to watch porn more than have sex with me.

    I now feel so ashamed. I must be so fat and ugly and it must be my fault. Please help me understand this.


    I used to visit a gentleman’s house to look after his dying wife, as I was working as a carer at the time. After she died (15 months ago and I cared for her for one month only) we remained friends.

    I visit him about once every two weeks and sometimes we go out. Thing is, I have fallen for him but he’s 68 and I’m 34. I told him how I felt last summer and he said he feels the same.

    But he’s worried about the age difference and doesn’t want to lose my friendship if it all goes wrong. It’s tearing me apart because I really do love him.


    My husband has a high sex drive, but I’ve lost interest over time. I’m sick of him hassling me but I also want him to be satisfied and I don’t like saying no all the time!


    My girlfriend and I have a great sex life. We’re two years in and I’d like to try some sex toys but she thinks it’s ‘dirty’.

    I've told her she could use a butt plug on me but she still thinks it's not right. How can I convince her to try some toys?


    Do you believe you should have sex with your husband just because they want to? I’m going through a period where I’ve just gone off sex.

    It’s only been six months and I’m sure I’ll come out of it soon but I resent my husband hassling me. I don’t think it’s right to have sex unless I really feel like it.


    I'm a 26 year-old guy. My situation is that I masturbate successfully and have no problem getting off manually or orally, but when it comes to intercourse, I can't manage to stay erect. Would this be considered ED (erectile dysfunction)?

    Could it be because I'm really small and don't get the same kind of stimulation with intercourse that I receive with a hand or mouth? I don't have any other health condition and don't take any kind of medication, but this has been happening for as long as I've been sexually active.


    Are you supposed to clean sex toys? My rabbit is looking a little icky but I don’t think I can just wash it under the tap, can I?


    I've recently started seeing a guy who is really keen on receiving oral sex. Problem is, I'm not exactly brilliant at it, and I don’t want to put him off by lack of skill.

    Instead I want to be the best he's had! Could you give me some pointers or some tips that could help me out with this?

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