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    Is there any way I can persuade my wife to use a vibrator on herself while I watch? She likes me to use it with her but says it's not the same on her own.

    I would love to watch her play with herself.


    My girlfriend of five years left me a month ago and last week I found out she has a new boyfriend. She says she wasn’t with him when we were together and I believe her but how can she move on so quickly and what can I do to move on also?

    We won’t be getting back together. This I know for sure. I've suffered from depression in the past and don’t want to go down that road again.


    I have started to date a beautiful woman and it’s making me perform badly in bed. I never had the problem in the past with women I think nothing of but this is different. I have this Page Three beauty type giving me oral sex and I’m soft!

    She’s very understanding and I give her an orgasm but I’m still gutted about it. I know not to drink too much and be healthy but it’s my thoughts that get in the way. I can’t stop thinking about not getting hard for her and the inevitable happens.

    I bought a cock ring hoping that might help but am keen to know your thoughts.


    When my man starts stimulating me manually, I often fear letting myself enjoy it completely, because I always get 'watery wet' and feel like I am leaking pee.

    He gets really grossed out so I rarely orgasm. Is this the same as female ejaculation or is it incontinence? I am 28 years old.


    I’ve been reading a bit about muscle gels that tighten the vagina temporarily during sex. I’ve had two children and I don’t think I feel different but maybe it’s just been so long since I had sex, I’ve forgotten!

    Can you tell me if these work and if they’re safe? I’ve asked my husband if I feel too loose and he says no but I don’t think he’d say ‘yes’ for fear of hurting my feelings!


    My partner and I had triplet boys 6 months ago and, as you can guess, have been too busy for much sex since! My partner is now demanding sex while I feel too tired and a little freaked out.

    A little voice in my head puts me off given that our planned two children has now become five! I intend to have a vasectomy within the next year, but don't think it’s good to rush into it just to get my libido back.

    My wife is naturally more body conscious than usual at the moment and I don't want to keep saying no for fear of hurting her. But I do feel kind of stuck!

    Watch and learn: masturbation techniques for him to use on her

    The only, absolutely guaranteed way to find out how your partner likes to be brought to orgasm manually is to watch them do it themselves.

    Watching your partner masturbate isn't just sexy, it's the most informative sex lesson you'll get. Too embarrassed to demonstrate? Close your eyes as you're doing it. I don't care if you're dying behind those eyelids, the benefits of doing this far outweigh the angst, so stop being a wimp and get on with it.

    When she's doing it, pay special attention to...


    I have just moved in with my partner and he’s avoided sex and any type of affection with me ever since! Pre moving in, he was great - very affectionate and sexual.

    I’ve confronted him about this and all he does is roll his eyes and tell me it’s been a huge two weeks what with shifting and him not feeling well. He then changes the conversation and the topic is lost. What’s going on?


    I'm 21 and have been with my boyfriend for three years. But while I still love him deeply, I've gone from enjoying sex to dreading it. He doesn't pressure me but when we have it, I don't enjoy it.

    Why am I feeling like this? We're both confused. Should I end it?


    I've just come out of a nine year relationship and looking forward to having sex again. Sexual health is obviously a concern with new partners and STIs scare the hell out of me. How can I give a guy oral sex safely?

    Condoms must take away the excitement and pleasure and even if used, how can you use your mouth on the testicles safely? If I want to receive oral sex surely it's a bit of a double standard to ask a man to put a condom before I go down on him but I get to enjoy oral sex in its natural state?

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