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    I was a virgin before I slept with my husband so he's the first and only man I've ever slept with.

    Sometimes, I find it hard to feel his penis inside me during intercourse. I can feel him penetrate but that's it. Is this normal?

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    I've recently discovered I have sexual feelings for women and have recently started dating one. The problem is, I've never done more than kiss another girl and don't know what to do when it progresses to bed!

    I'm no virgin, but I am a virgin when it comes to lesbian sex. I really want my first time with a woman to be a good one not just for me, but for my girlfriend as well!

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    My wife and I have had so many problems with our sex life, I really don't know where to start.

    Sex isn't that enjoyable, she doesn't feel like it much any more - it's become one big mess!

    I don't know what to fix first or where to start to rescue it!


    The other night I was really horny and initiated sex with my wife but she rejected me.

    I fell asleep but later woke up to find my wife masturbating in bed beside me.

    I feel upset and rejected by her preferring to do it herself when she could have had the real thing.

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    I've not had much experience with sex but my boyfriend has had even less.

    I want him to try oral sex because I enjoyed it with my last partner but he won't go down on me because he says it's scary!

    How can I convince him to give it a try?


    My new boyfriend loves me giving him a head-job but he takes ages to come.

    I've tried all the standard things to make him speed up like going harder and using my hand more but it seems to have no effect. Any advice?

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