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    There's nothing wrong with being fussy and the more Mr Wrongs you go out with, the more likely you are to find Mr Right. Here's 5 reasons to stop worrying about your search...

    6 Secrets to Giving Him a Hot Hand-job

    Most women I know are more nervous about stimulating a man with their hands than they are about giving oral sex.

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    I've got the horrible feeling the guy I'm dating is a virgin because he hasn't made a move on me and we've been seeing each other for two months now.

    Is there any way to tell and how do I handle it if he is?


    I recently split with my boyfriend about three weeks ago after a one-year relationship. Our relationship was always serious, right from the start, and we were both crazy about each other.

    Towards the end of the year together, I found out that he had cheated on me with one of my mates! It didn't stop there, he also cheated on me with five other girls while we were 'on a break'. We didn't have a break. He's now coming back and pledging undying love.

    I do miss him and would love to give it another chance but I don't think I could trust him not to hurt me again. He put me through hell for three months but part of me just wants him home.

    I don't know what to do next. I feel now, that I'm the one chasing after him again, when it should be the other way round.


    I'm writing to ask if it's unusual to be a virgin at 24 as my current boyfriend said it's really uncommon and that if I really loved him I'd have sex with him.

    It's not that I've chose to stay a virgin its just that three years ago my last boyfriend I'd planned to sleep with cheated on me with my best friend. Obviously I wasn't going to sleep with him after that.

    I've been with my new man for two years. Ever since xmas he's been pressuring me to have sex and now says that if I don't do it with him no other man will want me as no man wants a virgin.

    Is there any truth in this or should I just have sex with my boyfriend to stop him leaving me? I'm very confused!


    I know that it's difficult to orgasm during intercourse but it's very important for my boyfriend that I at least try. He doesn't like the fact that I only orgasm from his tongue.

    Do you have any techniques that could up the chances of it happening? I don't want to fake it just to keep him happy.

    How To Have Sex In Public - Without Getting Caught!

    It's all about the situation: he's immune to seeing you naked pre-bedtime, but a flash of thigh by the roadside is unexpectedly voyeuristic. Learn how to have sex outside the confines of your home, without being arrested for indecent exposure!

    The secret to loving lustily in the long term is to surprise each other sexually. Take sex outside of the bedroom and passion is instantly renewed. But although sex on the car bonnet might seem raw and unromantic when you've a big, soft bed to roll around in contrast is key.


    My husband of three years and I have different sex drives. We are both in our early 20s and when we first got married we had sex 4-5 times a week. Now I'm lucky to get it once every 3-4 weeks.

    He also used to give me oral sex fairly often, and now on the rare occasion we do have sex he won't, but expects me to give him to him. I have refused because I think it's unfair.

    When I ask him why he doesn't give me oral sex anymore he says he just doesn't feel like it and I can't get him to expand on it much more than that.

    How do I get him to want sex more without pressuring him too much and how do I get him to give me oral sex again?


    I want to try anal sex with my boyfriend so I bought a small, penis-shaped butt plug to try to get myself used to having a penis inside me.

    But because I've never tried it before, I was thinking of getting some desensitising cream so it wouldn't hurt so much. Is this a good idea? And when and how should I use it?


    I'm inexperienced at sex, only two years out of a long marriage and bi-curious. My boyfriend of two months is older, very experienced, confident and has tried swinging and just about everything else.

    He's as keen as me to have a girl-on-girl sex session but he wants it to involve him as well. I know this sounds insecure but I am worried he will fancy her more or she will be more experienced and it will change our relationship and how I see him.

    I'm turned on by the thought of him being involved but unsure of the aftermath. Help!

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