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    I think my husband is pretending that's he's come when he hasn't. He makes all the right noises and thrusts wildly but but when I go to the toilet afterward there doesn't appear to be any semen ejaculated.

    I'm confused - why would a man fake it?


    I masturbate but only in private. My new boyfriend wants me to do it in front of him but the thought of it makes me hot with embarrassment.

    To me, it's something you should do in private only. I'd be interested to know what you think about it.

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    To break out of the predictable patterns of love making, you may consider trying bondage and tie-up games. You can discover a whole new world of excitement, fun and incredible pleasure!


    I like being in the girl-on-top position but whenever we really start getting into it, my boyfriend's penis often falls out, usually at a crucial moment! Why does this happen?


    A few months ago, my girlfriend told me she was actually bisexual and also enjoyed sleeping with women.

    She asked if it was fine if she had the odd girly fling and I said it was OK but now she seems to have more fun having sex with females than me.

    Is she bi-sexual or just too scared to admit she's gay?


    There's always been a link between food and sex but quite apart from its obvious hedonistic pleasures (eaten, smeared or inserted!); it's the nutrients that are essential for good sex.


    I was a virgin before I slept with my husband so he's the first and only man I've ever slept with.

    Sometimes, I find it hard to feel his penis inside me during intercourse. I can feel him penetrate but that's it. Is this normal?

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    I've recently discovered I have sexual feelings for women and have recently started dating one. The problem is, I've never done more than kiss another girl and don't know what to do when it progresses to bed!

    I'm no virgin, but I am a virgin when it comes to lesbian sex. I really want my first time with a woman to be a good one not just for me, but for my girlfriend as well!

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