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    My partner and I live 167 miles apart and he wants phone sex. I don't mind listening to him talk dirty to me and find it quite a turn on but I find it difficult to talk back to him. Do you have any tips?


    My boyfriend of three years is travelling while I'm going to college here.

    Although I initially told him that maybe we should turn a blind eye to any indiscretions that might happen in this time (partly I guess because I was looking for reassurance from him) he said that he didn't want this; that he would be faithful and he didn't think he was capable of cheating on someone anyway.

    Now I find out (through a friend) that he and his friends have been going to sex shows in Bangkok and I'm secretly fuming and very jealous! Do I still trust him? I can feel myself switching off... Help!


    I recently tried on a leather body suit in a shop and found I enjoyed it. The only thing is, I'm not very confident.

    I've worn things like police costumes, lace bodies, babydolls and basques.

    Do you have any ideas that would help boost my confidence so I can wear leather pieces and become a Mistress?

    How A Sensual Massage Can Really Get You In The Mood!

    Schedule it for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when you have hours to while away and enjoy the most amazing sensual massage that will turn you both on!


    I'm 25 years old and have been married for 9 years; my husband mentioned to me recently that he would like to watch an adult film with me.

    I feel like it's inviting someone else into our bedroom and that he just wants to see other females. Why would he want to look at one in the first place or what is his reason?

    Should I go along with this? I'm confused as to why he wants to do this as I thought that our sex was great!


    I just can't seem to find my girl's G-spot. Once I find it, I seem to lose it. Can you help please?

    69 - It's the Magic Number!

    The 69 position is perfect for intimacy yet it can be hard to actually pull off. Here's how you can do it successfully.


    I have just purchased a rabbit vibrator and looking forward to using it. This will be my first experience with any type of sex toy and I'm a little nervous.

    I would love it if you could give me some tips on what I should be doing and how to get started. Hope you can help me.


    Since my boyfriend and I started dating we've had the same problem involving sex: I want it more often than he does!

    I basically manage to get him into bed with me once a week or less, and that seems to be enough for him... but not for me.

    Hearing the word "no" doesn't surprise me anymore when I initiate sex. We love each other very much but we really struggle to find the golden path in the middle so I can feel satisfied and he's not pressured.

    How can we make this work?

    There's a perception that women react with horror if their partner confesses a dark desire, but in reality it's often men who feel most threatened.

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