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    My boyfriend said that before we get married he wants a bachelor party and that he will be having a stripper.

    He said that the stripper is just to make the party a good one for everyone else there, but if that were the case then surely he wouldn't be insisting on it as if it's really important to him?

    I told him I don't want him to have a stripper, but he just goes on about "tradition" and "having a good party". And I know he's not bothered about tradition because he's not even bothered about having a traditional wedding!

    He wants a small registry office one to get it done. Am I right to be concerned about him wanting a stripper, and should I stand my ground and tell him there's no way he's having one?

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    I come way too quickly and I am wondering if this is because I am quite undersized in the penis department.

    Could there be a link and how do I stop it happening?


    Is there such a thing as a U-spot? A friend of mine who is very experienced keeps telling me it's the only way she can orgasm but I don't want to look stupid by asking her what it is.

    She's a bit of a boaster and think she might even be having a joke with me and there is no such thing.

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    I am a cross-dresser and have been doing it privately for years. My wife has never suspected and as much as I'd like to tell her, I've never been game to.

    Recently, she found some underwear that I'd bought for myself on the internet in the washing. She's questioned me about it and I think now thinks I'm having an affair.

    I don't know what is worse - her thinking I'm having an affair or finding out that I'm a cross-dresser. What should I do?

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    I think my husband is pretending that's he's come when he hasn't. He makes all the right noises and thrusts wildly but but when I go to the toilet afterward there doesn't appear to be any semen ejaculated.

    I'm confused - why would a man fake it?


    I masturbate but only in private. My new boyfriend wants me to do it in front of him but the thought of it makes me hot with embarrassment.

    To me, it's something you should do in private only. I'd be interested to know what you think about it.

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