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    I have never had an orgasm and can't understand why. We alternate positions and are often adventurous but also sometimes romantic.

    It has got to a point where I don't enjoy having sex any more because I never get pleasure from it.


    My boyfriend is clean and showers regularly but his penis smells weird when I give him oral sex. Is there a way of telling him without offending him?

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    I know you're supposed to try new things in bed, but what?

    I've tried new positions but other than that I don't really know where to start. Neither of us are into role play.

    Hot hand-jobs for him

    Although hand-jobs aren't the easiest of things to perform on your man, it is really worth perfecting your technique for an explosive sexual experience.


    I found my boyfriend watching porn on the internet and have started checking the history on the computer. He's watching it all the time and it's starting to really get to me.

    I know all guys do it but I feel threatened. How do I cope with this?


    My girlfriend cannot stop flirting with other guys and it bothers me sometimes. She seems very happy with our relationship and our sex life but I'm not sure if she just likes attention or she's not getting what she wants from the relationship. How can I find out?

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    Do you think that the size of a tongue really matters in giving a woman oral sex?

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