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    I found my boyfriend watching porn on the internet and have started checking the history on the computer. He's watching it all the time and it's starting to really get to me.

    I know all guys do it but I feel threatened. How do I cope with this?


    My girlfriend cannot stop flirting with other guys and it bothers me sometimes. She seems very happy with our relationship and our sex life but I'm not sure if she just likes attention or she's not getting what she wants from the relationship. How can I find out?

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    Do you think that the size of a tongue really matters in giving a woman oral sex?


    I am 18 and about to go into a relationship with a 40 year-old.

    I have no idea if I am doing the right thing, since there are guys my age I could date.

    I feel like I want something more, is this right?

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    My boyfriend says he has a low sex drive but he masturbates a lot and it makes me feel like I pressure him into having sex sometimes even though he says I don't.

    How can I fix this? Should I just wait and let him come to me?

    He is five years older (I am 24 he is 29) - is it just his age? We are also in a long distance relationship just to complicate matters.


    I can only orgasm during masturbation and though a certain, specific technique.

    How can I train myself to climax different ways?


    Every time my boyfriend and I have sex my vagina makes a funny noise, what could that be? I'm really worried and it's very embarrassing.

    I'm too scared to discuss it with him. Can you help?

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