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    My 40 year-old partner thinks I am a prude because he wants to do two girls at the same time and I told him no, I don't find it all appealing. Who is right?

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    Most of us aren't even close to objective when judging our own looks - one minute we think we look great, the next we don't... here's how to help yourself!


    I'm at my horniest during my period but hate the messiness of it all. Do you have any suggestions of how to take advantage of the peak in my libido without staining the sheets?


    The bed is comfy and convenient but there are tons of other options which are far sexier, more impressive and efficient.


    I have read and seen how some women can ejaculate like a guy. Are there any specific tips you can give to achieve that?

    Use these simple tricks to impress and score sexual Brownie points.

    Try these easy-to-follow sexual tips and tricks to stand out from the crowd - your lover simply won't know what's hit them!


    I am happily married to a gorgeous woman but my problem is that I don't think I last long enough.

    She says I do but I know she gets disappointed then it takes me about half hour or so to get erect again.

    I feel I let her down. What is the best cure for lasting longer? I am 42 years old.

    The good-in-bed checklist...

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    I have a bit of an unusual problem. My boyfriend of two years has never wanted to sleep with me. We are really in love and he is adamant that he doesn't have any sort of problem like impotence.

    We sleep in the same bed almost every night, and it's humiliating and it's ruining my self esteem. He says it's because he hasn't got things 'sorted' yet.

    He is working two jobs and trying to build up his own business in stocks and shares, so I know he is quite stressed.

    I love him and don't want to cheat on him and have tried explaining that I have needs, but he doesn't ever give in. It's been two years! Please help!


    When my boyfriend and I have sex it always seems the same. We've tried a few positions but it lasts 10 minutes and then my boyfriend isn't interested any more.

    I feel unsatisfied. Is there anything we can do to make it last longer and feel more satisfying for me?

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