• Sex Advice: Sex Solutions for Every Scenario From Tracey Cox

    Too tired, too bloated, too drunk? Whatever the situation, beat the lust-busters with a move for every moment and mood.


    I used to have fantastic sex with my partner but now we honestly can't be bothered. I guess we're lazy and in a rut. The thought of trying something like tantric sex makes us want to run for the hills but have you got any easy tips?


    I know men suffer from performance anxiety where they can't get an erection at the crucial moment, but can women suffer from the same thing? I get really turned on playing around in public but the second I'm somewhere where sex is definitely going to happen, I suddenly get scared.

    Loud and Proud or Timid and Quiet?

    For every lover who shouts, "Thank you God!" at the top of their lungs at the crucial moment, there's one who remains completely and utterly silent.


    A few of my girlfriends have started getting anal bleaching, saying it really turns their partner on. Is it safe to do?

    Masturbation is good for you. Here are 10 reasons why!

    Many people have been programmed from a young age to think that masturbation is dirty or wrong, but it is in fact the complete opposite.


    How do I get my girlfriend to have anal sex or use a toy anally? I'd also like her to play with my bottom but don't know how to suggest it.

    Come Together with a Simultaneous Orgasm

    A simultaneous orgasm is brilliant for increasing intimacy and allows you to bond on both an emotional and physical level.


    Get yourself in the mood by reading an erotic book, watching a naughty film or lying back and fantasising - and then try these tips...


    I've been with my partner a year and sex is amazing but just recently he's been losing his erection during intercourse. When he does maintain one, he ejaculates quickly leaving me frustrated.

    We have discussed the problem but can't work out why it's happening and it's putting strain on an otherwise wonderful relationship.

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