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    A few of my girlfriends have started getting anal bleaching, saying it really turns their partner on. Is it safe to do?

    Masturbation is good for you. Here are 10 reasons why!

    Many people have been programmed from a young age to think that masturbation is dirty or wrong, but it is in fact the complete opposite.


    How do I get my girlfriend to have anal sex or use a toy anally? I'd also like her to play with my bottom but don't know how to suggest it.

    Come Together with a Simultaneous Orgasm

    A simultaneous orgasm is brilliant for increasing intimacy and allows you to bond on both an emotional and physical level.


    Get yourself in the mood by reading an erotic book, watching a naughty film or lying back and fantasising - and then try these tips...


    I've been with my partner a year and sex is amazing but just recently he's been losing his erection during intercourse. When he does maintain one, he ejaculates quickly leaving me frustrated.

    We have discussed the problem but can't work out why it's happening and it's putting strain on an otherwise wonderful relationship.

    Why using a lube makes everything - including your sex toys - feel better

    Under ideal circumstances our bodies produce enough natural lubrication not to warrant adding any extra. But a little help is always welcome...


    I only discovered I could have an orgasm at the age of 45! I've always enjoyed sex and had quite a few partners but could never get past a certain point to climax. I bought my first rabbit from Lovehoney and it happened within several minutes and I really couldn't believe I had missed out on all those years.

    But I'd like now to know if there are two different types of orgasm. I confided in friends that I could now orgasm through my clitoris and they said I should now try to have a vaginal orgasm. Is this true and how different do they feel?


    When my partner and I have sex and it feels good, I have an orgasm but there is nothing there to prove it because I don't get wet. My partner thinks I am faking it because there's no wet spot. Is there a product that can help make this happen as I'm embarrassed and it's starting to make me feel nervous about having sex at all!


    The humble vibrator was invented by doctors who were sick of giving their patients orgasms with their fingers. I'm not kidding - this was the standard treatment for 'hysteria'.

    In the 1800s, 'hysteria' was the most common health complaint among women of the day. It was a term used to describe any emotional distress: Got a headache? You obviously had hysteria. Problems sleeping? Same thing. A sore foot? Hysteria again. Pulled your back doing the hoovering? Ahh, a classic case of hysteria.

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