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    When my partner and I have sex and it feels good, I have an orgasm but there is nothing there to prove it because I don't get wet. My partner thinks I am faking it because there's no wet spot. Is there a product that can help make this happen as I'm embarrassed and it's starting to make me feel nervous about having sex at all!


    The humble vibrator was invented by doctors who were sick of giving their patients orgasms with their fingers. I'm not kidding - this was the standard treatment for 'hysteria'.

    In the 1800s, 'hysteria' was the most common health complaint among women of the day. It was a term used to describe any emotional distress: Got a headache? You obviously had hysteria. Problems sleeping? Same thing. A sore foot? Hysteria again. Pulled your back doing the hoovering? Ahh, a classic case of hysteria.


    My girlfriend wants to try a threesome but I don't think I'd be able to handle it. I actually don't think she could either and while the fantasy appeals, the reality would backfire. Is there a way to capture the sense of group sex without actually having it?


    I've been with my fiancé four years and our sex life has become routine. I've suggested countless ideas to improve it but she says no to everything and that she's quite happy with the way things are (20 minutes of foreplay where she orgasms then missionary position every time).

    For me, sex is now like a chore. How do I get her to open up and be willing to explore new things?


    I've been with my boyfriend for two years. He's never had a high sex drive but it's dropped significantly over the past year and seems to be dipping even further. We're having sex about twice a month.

    Whenever I instigate sex, he rejects me so we only have sex when he's interested, which often leaves me feeling unsatisfied and resentful.

    I've talked to him about it but he won't open up when I ask why he's lost his sex drive. He just says he doesn't know why.


    I have a very low libido, and am never interested in having sex. My partner thinks that there is something wrong with me, but I have never enjoyed making love and don't think that I ever will. What do I do?


    My partner and I want to join the mile-high club but how do you do it without getting caught?


    I'm always reading about sperm 'shooting' out, whereas mine just sort of oozes. Is this a problem?

    Why men are scared of vibrators - and shouldn't be

    The old-fashioned style of vibrators were pretty scary: ten inches long, throbbing life-like veins, and made of squishy, horrible stuff which looked alarmingly like a penis. Except much bigger and much longer and much wider and... ohmigod, is that what women really want?

    The answer is no. The old-style penis-like realistic vibrators were designed by men - men who, sadly, didn't have much idea of what women wanted. Look at most successful vibrator ranges today - nearly all heavily influenced by women - and the first thing you'll notice is most aren't even penis shaped...


    I don't feel anything in particular when I have sex with men. Does this mean that I'm frigid or a lesbian?

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