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    I have been with my partner for nearly four years now, and have never had an orgasm with him. The last time I had one with a guy was about seven years ago.

    When I'm on my own I can orgasm quite easily. I think I have got so used to it on my own, it seems impossible to achieve it with my partner.

    He seems to want to masturbate more often than have sex, I'm not sure if this is down to him thinking he's not satisfying me, or if it's just a guy thing.

    I do enjoy the sex, but feel I need to relax and enjoy it more. Can you give me any tips?


    My boyfriend is very one-sided in bed. He doesn't want to use sex toys, doesn't even want me to use them.

    He wants me to give him oral sex and to masturbate him, but he refuses to give me oral sex or masturbate me.

    He also will not let me touch myself in front of him. How do I get him to come around and try new things? This is hurting our relationship.

    How to up the number and intensity of your orgasms!

    Up the number and intensity of your orgasms by trying any (and all) of the following...


    I have been reading a lot about smart balls. Are they really as good as people are saying? I am 56 and I think my vagina could be tighter.

    My husband and I have a very active sex life but for me, although it is still good, it's not as good as it used to be. Will these help?


    Recently I have developed a problem of premature ejaculation. I used to be able to last for at least 20 minutes but lately, I'm lucky to last for five. I have been with my girlfriend for eight months but this problem has only started in the last few months.

    I went to my GP regarding this problem and he advised to contact you.


    My new girlfriend is older and I suspect a lot more experienced than me.

    I want to impress her by showing I really understand women. Can you give me a hint on how to do this?

    Foreplay tips for familiar lovers

    Think back to when you met each other. The first few dates, particularly the ones before you've had intercourse - are one, long, deliciously exciting foreplay session.


    My girlfriend has been reading girlie magazines and after reading one article has said that she would like to "do me".

    I asked her what she meant and she clarified that she wants to buy a strap-on dildo and show me how it feels on her end. She'd also like me to use a 'butt plug' during sex.

    I can't figure out what (if any) satisfaction I would receive - other than the obvious fact of pleasing my girlfriend. The thought of something going in my rear end does disturb me rather.


    My boyfriend and I want to have anal sex and I have enjoyed it in the past. But it seems like the head of his penis is too big and any attempts have been very painful.

    I am considering using a muscle relaxant but as I don't know how this may affect my body, I thought it would check first to find out if they're safe.

    Safe Sex - An Equal Opportunities Situation

    Carrying condoms in your purse doesn't make you promiscuous, it simply makes you smart. be sensible and be prepared for anything.

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