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    My new girlfriend is older and I suspect a lot more experienced than me.

    I want to impress her by showing I really understand women. Can you give me a hint on how to do this?

    Foreplay tips for familiar lovers

    Think back to when you met each other. The first few dates, particularly the ones before you've had intercourse - are one, long, deliciously exciting foreplay session.


    My girlfriend has been reading girlie magazines and after reading one article has said that she would like to "do me".

    I asked her what she meant and she clarified that she wants to buy a strap-on dildo and show me how it feels on her end. She'd also like me to use a 'butt plug' during sex.

    I can't figure out what (if any) satisfaction I would receive - other than the obvious fact of pleasing my girlfriend. The thought of something going in my rear end does disturb me rather.


    My boyfriend and I want to have anal sex and I have enjoyed it in the past. But it seems like the head of his penis is too big and any attempts have been very painful.

    I am considering using a muscle relaxant but as I don't know how this may affect my body, I thought it would check first to find out if they're safe.

    Safe Sex - An Equal Opportunities Situation

    Carrying condoms in your purse doesn't make you promiscuous, it simply makes you smart. be sensible and be prepared for anything.

    Sex Advice: Sex Solutions for Every Scenario From Tracey Cox

    Too tired, too bloated, too drunk? Whatever the situation, beat the lust-busters with a move for every moment and mood.


    I used to have fantastic sex with my partner but now we honestly can't be bothered. I guess we're lazy and in a rut. The thought of trying something like tantric sex makes us want to run for the hills but have you got any easy tips?


    I know men suffer from performance anxiety where they can't get an erection at the crucial moment, but can women suffer from the same thing? I get really turned on playing around in public but the second I'm somewhere where sex is definitely going to happen, I suddenly get scared.

    Loud and Proud or Timid and Quiet?

    For every lover who shouts, "Thank you God!" at the top of their lungs at the crucial moment, there's one who remains completely and utterly silent.


    A few of my girlfriends have started getting anal bleaching, saying it really turns their partner on. Is it safe to do?

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