• Make your orgasm last 179 times longer 2

    Imagine an orgasm that lasts a full 30 minutes, with occasional, deep contractions occurring up to 24 hours afterward.

    Make your orgasm last 179 times longer

    If you're the average woman enjoying a reasonably good sex life, a whole 45 seconds of your week is spent having an orgasm.

    Yup. All that buzzing and stroking and grinding for a mere 15 seconds of ecstasy, three times over.

    Now imagine an orgasm that lasts a full 30 minutes, with occasional, deep contractions occurring up to 24 hours afterwards.

    Get your mojo back after menopause

    The menopause is a bitch.

    But when it comes to your sex life, there’s still a lot you can do to manage symptoms and come out on top - literally.

    What is normal in sex?

    How much you can really learn from putting numbers on something as complex and complicated as sexual behaviour is debatable. But that doesn’t stop us wanting to do it!

    As a point of interest and for broad comparison, sex research stats are definitely worth a browse.

    Can she solve his sex dilemmas?

    This series focuses on solutions to things that are a little sensitive or embarrassing to ask - often because the answer seems like it should be obvious!

    Part 1 talked about what to do if a toy gets lost and how to use a vibrator or a dildo. Part 2 had fix-its for him, including what to do if she doesn’t like intercourse or you going down on her. Here, you’ll find female-focused solutions like what to do if he falls out all of the time.

    Yin Yang

    Love 69ers but find them a bit of a (literal) pain in the neck? Here's how to turn them into your new go-to oral sex position.

    Man standing on a mountain top

    Do orgasms feel the same for everyone? Does his orgasm feel different than hers?

    Biologically, everyone moves through the same stages. We become aroused, then move to a plateau phase (highly aroused), onto orgasm, then resolution (when the body returns to normal).

    13 things I bet you didn't know about the penis

    Forget chatting about the weather, Brexit or how much you hate your job. Slip some penis trivia into your next conversation and watch everyone suddenly stand up and pay attention. Here's some stats and facts guaranteed to keep them amused!

    Sex on the brain

    Think you’re in charge of your love and sex life? Think again. When we call people ‘love junkies’, we are actually being accurate: we’re all completely and utterly under the influence of our brain hormones.

    Quick fixes for common erection problems

    Want to look bigger - instantly, stop the condom falling off, or have stronger erections more quickly? You’re in the right place.

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