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    Q: I have never had an orgasm. I've had a few partners over the years, but none of them ever really cared about making me feel good. My current partner of one year does and we've tried lots of toys, orgasm gels, balms, creams, different condoms, positions, roleplay – all sorts of things. But still nothing.

    Am I missing something? Is there some magical solution to help me let go and finally reach climax? I feel like I'm broken or as if there's something wrong with me.

    A: You need to go back to basics and go solo. The thing about female orgasm is that, because it's complicated and not automatic, most women discover how to do it by themselves.

    The first orgasm for most women is usually had by experimenting with a good quality vibrator such as the Tracey Cox Supersex Pleasure Wand Vibrator (or one that has both slow and gentle/fast and firm settings) in the privacy of their bedroom.

    It’s simple: try using lube. But which is the best lube and for what?

    One of my most popular toys - the Supersex Glass Dildo Set - is also the one most people are confused by. I get asked the following questions time and time again, so thought I should tackle them one by one.


    I’ve just had a baby and am very keen to maintain things ‘down there’. They told me there were exercises I should do but I didn’t listen because I was exhausted from the birth and have forgotten what they were or how to do them. Can you help?


    My new boyfriend wants me to send him ‘sexts’ but I’m nervous about him showing his mates. On the other hand, the idea turns me on and I don’t want to be a killjoy. Is there a safe way to do it?


    I’ve always wanted to have anal sex but my wife is too nervous to try it. How can I convince her to at least give it a try? Do most women like it once they’ve tried it?


    My girlfriend and I have great sex and are up for trying pretty much anything but it frustrates me that she can’t orgasm with me inside her. She can orgasm easily from oral sex or my fingers but it frustrates me that she can’t do this through intercourse. My previous girlfriend had no problems at all.

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