• what women wish men knew about sex

    Ever wish you came with a set of instructions that you could just hand over to your lover?

    Well, here’s a list I’ve started for you. Customise and add... and keep on adding throughout your relationship.

    50 Things I Wish I'd Known About Sex When I Was 20

    I originally wrote this article for the Mail Online but it was so popular, I’ve decided to share it again here. Wouldn’t it have been nice if someone had handed this article to you when YOU were 20? (And do pass it onto your own kids who are 20-plus!)

    8 most common excuses to get out of sex

    No time, bored or simply can't be bothered?

    These are just some of the excuses we drag out to explain why sex isn't on the agenda.

    But which of these excuses are legitimate and which are thinly disguised avoidance tactics?

    Even more importantly, how do you get past those sexual sticking points and get things moving again?

    is your weight affecting your sex life?

    Fifty percent of British women have put off sex - even when they’re in the mood - because they felt too fat. “Bedroom body shame is ruining sex for an alarming, growing number of women, from the petite to the plus size,” says Michael Alvear, the author of Not Tonight Dear, I Feel Fat. “It's irrelevant what size you are because body anxiety has nothing to do with being fat, it’s about thinking you are.”

    Do you spend every sex session paranoid your partner’s going to touch some part of you that isn’t quite perfect?

    Here’s how stop worrying about your body and feel fabulous about yourself!

    five very female sex wobbles

    We women are wonderful creatures in many, many ways but we are also capable of worrying ourselves stupid about things that really shouldn’t matter.

    Never is this more the case than when we’re talking about sex.

    Sex taps into our most secret, inner fears, which is why it has the power to completely throw us when we should be confident.

    All of the following sex wobbles have the potential to destroy your sex life yet all are easily fixed. Read on for reassurance!

    are these the best places to have sex?

    Just as there are certain sex acts that shouldn't be missed, there are places you should have been naked in.

    These are my pick of the top 10 places to have sex (though I'm looking forward to seeing where else gets the vote!).

    Tick 'Yes!' to six and over of the following sexy settings and you're officially adventurous, four shows healthy experimentation, three is usual - and anything under inexcusable!

    Get cracking!

    this is how men really feel about sex

    Want to know what he really thinks and feels about sex?

    This is a snapshot of what men have told me during the three decades I've been writing and researching about sex and relationships.

    Read and learn - I certainly have over the years!

    Think you're Good At Oral Sex Because Your Technique Is Good?

    Here’s six things that matter just as much.

    Giving great oral is part attitude, part technique and a whole lot about enthusiasm.

    You’ll find how-to technique guides for both of you here but they’re useless unless you get these basics right.

    These are the six fundamentals that matter just as much as tongue technique - and they apply to every sex and everyone.

    are you too close for great sex?

    Is your partner your best friend?

    It’s ironic: the couples who have the closest, soul-mate connection and the best relationships often have the worst sex lives. Why? Because the same wonderful intimacy that makes us yearn to merge as ‘one’, obliterates desire.

    Nothing kills sexual chemistry quicker than becoming best friends.

    Here’s how to keep the intimacy but rescue the sex!

    how do I get him to use a vibrator on me?

    Want to sort your sex life - fast? This is the fourth in a series of blogs designed to transform your love life with instant, easy fixes for common couple sex complaints.

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