• what to do if she's not up for it

    You vowed to forsake all others - now she’s forsaken you. What do you do if you’ve been erotically exiled? Figure out what’s going on in her head, then fix it in bed, that’s what!

    This is the first part of a two-part blog aimed at sorting the problem. Part 1 deals with getting her (and your) head in the right place, Part 2 deals with more practical issues.


    We all know we're supposed to try 'new' things in bed to keep everything spicy. But what if you can't think of anything?

    Lots of couples think the 'new' thing has to be something crazy kinky to work. It doesn't.

    The trick is to try one or two small things and build from there.

    Here's some ideas to get you started:


    Want to be a great lover?

    Forget everything you’ve ever learnt from porn. Porn is a great accompaniment to solo sex sessions and can work wonders to jazz up a tired monogamous relationship if you watch it together. But if you’re using it as sex education, you really are deluded. Here’s six really bad lessons porn teaches you about sex if you’re a man.

    how do i suggest a threesome

    Having a threesome is still the most desired and requested fantasy that people want to take through to reality - despite being one of the riskiest!

    And it's not just actually having one that causes problems, merely suggesting it means stepping into precarious territory. Here's how to minimise the fall out.

    how to have lust that lasts

    It's a depressing but inevitable reality that the lovely sexed-up beginning bit of relationships - 'the honeymoon' - has to end.

    There's a reason why we don't stay bathed in those delicious infatuation chemicals: it's emotionally and physically impossible to sustain long-term.

    'It's the body's innate wisdom to turn down the volume because it cannot maintain the lust-crazed state forever or people would eventually collapse with exhaustion', says world famous neurologist and brain-imaging expert Daniel Amen, somewhat shrewdly.

    Infatuation can last anything from 6 months to 2 years but despite wearing us out, when it does make it's inevitable exit, few of us are happy to say a fond farewell.

    Lots of people assume once the intensity and euphoria drops off, it's a sign they're not in love anymore.

    Not true. It's just your brain changing gears so it can release the 'cuddle chemicals', which is when 'true' love really begins.

    Part 1 of this two-part blog talked about the reasons why lust naturally fades. Part 2 is the good bit - all the things you can do to trick Mother Nature.

    how to have lust that lasts

    The fairytale says we meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. It certainly didn’t include being so bored in bed, it’s more fun masturbating than having sex with your partner. Can lust last the distance?

    It’s not designed to, but there are ways to trick the system. This is Part 1 in a two part blog that explains why the honeymoon has to end; Part 2 offers some all important solutions to this age-old problem.

    How do most women masturbate?

    Everyone knows how to masturbate, right? Wrong!

    Lots of women know the basics but are too shy to ask friends about specific technique.

    We talk about partner sex with our friends but the nitty gritty of solo sex still isn’t something we share.

    Which is why I’ve written this blog. Here, you’ll find the four most popular female masturbation techniques in a step-by-step format.

    Ideally, you’ll try all of them and be able to orgasm by more than just one method. The more ways you can orgasm, the more orgasms you’ll have.

    top three masturbation techniques for men

    And Why the Way You Do It Is Now Probably Playing Havoc With Your Sex Life!

    The secret to sexual pleasure is at your fingertips. Literally. If you’re a female who has never masturbated to orgasm, I’m betting you’ve never had one.

    First-Time Masturbation Guide for Women

    The secret to sexual pleasure is at your fingertips. Literally. If you’re a female who has never masturbated to orgasm, I’m betting you’ve never had one.

    What women need to know to give men what they want

    Think guys have it easy because they can orgasm easier than we can? Think again. Men aren’t the sex robots we think they are.

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