• Age proof your libido

    There's lot of new research suggesting sex actually gets better with age.

    All day sex play

    Another day with your Christmas-padded bottoms glued to the sofa watching box sets? How about trading that for some all-day sex play!

    Anal sex positions

    Anal sex positions can be a lot more imaginative than doing it doggy style. If you're up for some anal action, try any (or all) of these.

    If you're never tried anal sex before, do both of you a favour and read the Anal Sex Prep Guide first but if you're an old hand, all you need is lots of (good quality) anal lube, a wicked glint in your eye and maybe the odd piece of furniture!

    first time lesbian sex

    Sex guru Alfred Kinsey claimed that by the age of 30, one woman in four had felt sexually attracted to another women. By age 40, he said, one in five had had some sort of sexual encounter with another woman.

    first time fisting

    Whether you're finally indulging a lifelong fantasy, ticking off a 2016 resolution before the New Year's Day deadline, or yielding to an idle whim, fisting can be an exhilarating adventure - if you follow strict guidelines. Yes I said strict; fisting is no one's idea of a beginner activity.

    anal sex first time

    While growing in popularity, within relationships anal sex can still be a divisive and delicate subject to broach.

    Generally speaking, most men are keen to give it a go while most women are more cautious. Interestingly, gay men also approach their first time with trepidation and the same guy who assured you it wouldn't hurt one bit suddenly loses enthusiasm if you suggest pegging (putting on a strap-on dildo and penetrating him)!

    Improve your sex life

    There’s one simple thing you can do to make sure you and your partner are sexually satisfied for life - and you’d be surprised at how few couples actually do it.

    How to turn a bad kisser into a brilliant one

    Warning: you’re actually not going to like the answer to this dilemma because the solution isn’t sneaky (well, maybe a tiny bit) and it involves directly confronting the problem - something most people hate doing.

    Well, brace yourself! Being able to talk honestly and openly about sex is essential if you want anything near a decent relationship, so you might as well bite the bullet and do it now! (This exercise, by the way, works for kissing but also works for perfecting any technique.)

    Here’s how!

    Should you stay in a sexless relationship?

    Some low-libido couples happily decide to take sex off the table but the majority of us value regular sex and the intimacy that comes with it.

    If you’re not having sex and the problem isn’t looking like it’s going to be fixed any time soon, decisions need to be made.

    Supersize your sex drive

    Lots of things affect our libido. Everything from our diet, lifestyle and self-esteem to landing the wrong genes or choosing the wrong partner.

    Happily though, sluggish sex drives can be ramped up to raunchy, simply by observing a few simple rules.

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