• 13 things I bet you didn't know about the penis

    Forget chatting about the weather, Brexit or how much you hate your job. Slip some penis trivia into your next conversation and watch everyone suddenly stand up and pay attention. Here's some stats and facts guaranteed to keep them amused!

    Sex on the brain

    Think you’re in charge of your love and sex life? Think again. When we call people ‘love junkies’, we are actually being accurate: we’re all completely and utterly under the influence of our brain hormones.

    Quick fixes for common erection problems

    Want to look bigger - instantly, stop the condom falling off, or have stronger erections more quickly? You’re in the right place.

    The one simple secret to her intercourse orgasm

    Here it is in one sentence: act like a man.

    In the brilliant book I Love Female Orgasm, author Dorian Solot points out what is blatantly obvious but ignored. That guys don’t lie back waiting hopefully for their partners to give them an orgasm during intercourse, they do whatever it takes to get themselves there.

    Clever ways to have more orgasms

    Hands up who’d like more orgasms? How about more intense orgasms? Or more than one in a row? (After all, who stops at one biscuit? Or one chocolate? Or one glass of wine?)

    Here are some clever but simple ideas to help you achieve all three.

    How to talk about sex

    Part one of 'How to talk about sex' detailed the basics of how to talk to your partner about sex in general. Now we’re talking specifics. Whether you want more of something, a technique done differently or are aching to share that fantasy, here’s how to get things started…

    How to Talk About Sex Part 1

    How do I tell my lover what I want without offending them? This is one of the sex questions I’m asked the most. In the beginning, when you’re shagging yourselves silly, talking about sex is easy. In fact, most of us don’t shut up about it. It’s only when things go wrong that we clam up. Not so much fun talking about sex when you’re not up for it, not having it or hate doing it!

    Sure thing sex positions blog

    This is for the 70-odd per cent of women who can't orgasm except through oral sex, masturbation or by using their trusty vibe.

    As much as orgasms are delicious any way you can get them, it would be nice to have one during intercourse, when he's having one, too!

    How to have a satisfying quickie

    Fast, frenzied sex will do many nice things for your relationship. It reminds you both how much you are attracted to each other on a purely physical basis and it's unplanned, impulsive sex that keeps the 'Aren't we naughty?' buzz alive.

    There is no argument against the fact that quick sex, rather than no sex, keeps you connected as a couple.

    Here's how to make it good sex as well!

    How to take toys through airport security

    There's nothing sexier than a hotel room - which is why more than 50 per cent of couples say they're far more likely to have sex on holiday than at home.

    We're also more likely to have adventurous sex - which usually means packing props like hot lingerie and some of your favourite sex toys.

    Anyone who has ever travelled with a sex toy in their hand luggage usually has a story to tell - most involving gleefully mischievous (or downright nasty) security staff who tend to pounce, then parade them for all to see.

    The good news is there have been a few incidents of staff humiliating passengers who've pressed charges so it's less likely to happen than before.

    But never say never: board embarrassment-free by following these simple tips.

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