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    About Tracey Cox Tracey Cox is an international sex, body language and relationships expert

    Tracey was interviewed by Scotland on Sunday about her new book, Dare: What Happens When Fantasies Come True.

    Her latest tome is a departure from her usual self-help style. As upfront as Cox herself, this one tells us in the title exactly what we’re going to get - Dare: What Happens When Fantasies Come True, in all their car crash, toe-curling, funny and uplifting detail. “Fifty Shades came out and, love or hate it, it proves people will still buy books, that sex sells and women aren’t prudes who only like romantic tales.

    “It had an effect - our soft bondage kit sold out within two seconds. So my publisher wanted me to write erotic fiction but I was absolutely hopeless because, being a therapist, I would get up in the night and fix the characters’ problems, ruining the plot. So I did this instead. I have been writing about sex for 20-odd years and have done tons of interviews; people just tell me stuff, share their fantasies.”

    Read the full article on the Scotsman website.

    Tracey Cox Dare - What Happens When Fantasies Come True