• What happens when fantasies meet reality: Tracey's interview with Evening Standard Magazine

    Tracey Cox Evening Standard Interview

    Her latest work, Dare: What Happens When Fantasies Come True, is a departure from her usual tongues-on advice. It contains the anonymous accounts of various women who have enacted their sexual fantasies in real life. First we read the fantasy in all its glossy eroticism (“His body is extraordinary and he knows it”, etc). Then we hear about the fantasist’s actual life. Finally we hear what happens when they try the fantasy out. Usually, it’s rubbish. The chapters include “I performed live for a webcam”; “My husband wanted to watch me have sex with another man”; “I tried to save our marriage with anal play”; and “I let my rich lover control me sexually”, very Fifty Shades of Grey-esque.

    “That’s where it all came from,” Cox admits, speaking in her slight Australian accent (her parents moved to Sydney when she was young, though she returned to Britain as soon as she could) when we settle on her sofa. While she seems more than aware of the novel’s flaws, she does credit it with reviving interest in her chosen subject. “And it blew apart this ridiculous myth that women are these romantic creatures who don’t like doing naughty things.”

    Certainly, Cox approves of that - though she will not quite admit which of the two stories in Dare actually happened to her...

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    Tracey Cox Dare - What Happens When Fantasies Come True

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    • Alice: April 12, 2013 14:35
      I love the sound (and look, ahem) of your decor. Can't wait to read the new book cover-to-cover!