• Welcome to my brand new website!

    Welcome to my brand new website!

    I’m launching a new book, new product range and brand spanking new website all at the same time - and I’m very excited about all my new ventures!

    The new website is much more dynamic with content changing constantly to bring you up to date on all that’s happening in my world of sex, love and relationships.

    You’ll be kept up to date on all my columns, new products in my range, new books and relevant articles as well as snippets of what’s happening on facebook and twitter.

    You can also send me questions, which I’ll answer each week and leave feedback on all my projects.

    My new book Dare: What Happens When Fantasies Come True is now on sale. It’s an entertaining collection of 30 real women’s experiences of what happened when they decided to turn their sex fantasies into reality. You can read Dare on two different levels. Focus on the ‘fantasy’ part and it’s glossy, solo-sex inspiring erotica, switch to the ‘reality’ and it turns into a thoroughly entertaining read that’s both funny and car-crash fascinating! I loved writing it and hope you enjoy reading it!

    My new product range - also called Dare! - is now available here or from Lovehoney.co.uk. It follows on from my first supersex range, and is (unbiased of course!) totally gorgeous! There are four products to launch: all with a modern, glossy design and finish that will appeal to anyone looking for products with an innovative twist on the usual!

    So welcome to the all new traceycox.com and I really hope you enjoy all there is to offer!