• The Soundtrack of Your Life: Tracey Cox on the music of her years

    Tracey Cox shares the soundtrack of her life

    Sex expert Tracey Cox chats to online magazine High50, sharing the tracks which have shaped her life, rouse powerful memories and make her dance for hours.

    What is your 'falling in love' track?

    Any song becomes a falling in love track when you're besotted. I remember hearing an old REO Speedwagon song, 'Keep On Loving You' when I was out to lunch with a girlfriend and thinking "Bloody hell! I'm in love!". It was unexpected and rather lovely and I'm still enjoying the relationship.

    Your 'heartbreak' track?

    I avoid all music when I'm heartbroken because it all makes me sad. I hole up and cherry pick movies and box sets and don't come out until my heart has healed. Music is too evocative and stirring to risk listening to when heartbroken!  

    What track evokes your parents?

    The Rolling Stones makes me think of my father because we'd play them so often when we were together. Ike and Tina Turner's 'Nutbush City Limits' reminds me of mum because I'd make her do that silly dance with me. Bless her for indulging me!

    What track is your guilty pleasure?

    Cheesy Eighties tracks get me every time! 

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