• Tracey talks fantasies with the Irish Independent

    Tracey talks to the Irish Independent

    Tracey Cox shares her thoughts on fantasy, Irish attitudes to sex and how bringing your deepest desires to life doesn't always go to plan.

    The article in the Irish Independent asks:

    "How many how of us are groaning at the fact our sex lives are nothing like the titillating scenes portrayed in print?

    Before you weep into the pages of your 'mummy porn' or turn the spare bedroom into a sex dungeon, it might be wise to read Dare: What Happens When Fantasies Become True by Tracey Cox."

    With the erotica boom still swinging, the Irish newspaper asked why Tracey's new book Dare seems to break the mould so much.

    Tracey says: "It started me wondering if all these fantasy books meant more people were actually living out their fantasies?

    The answer is yes, they are, but often with car-crash results. That was the story I wanted to write, the one that reflected real life."

    You can read the full article here.

    Tracey Cox Dare - What Happens When Fantasies Come True