• 'Hot Sex' featured in The Guardian's Lifestyle & Sex Column

    Tracey Cox Hot Sex featured in The Guardian

    With glorious weather comes significantly less clothing, which, Tracey claims, means we're feeling the heat in more ways than one.

    As Britain experiences a heatwave, the Guardian's Lifestyle & Sex column this week features 'Hot Sex' by Tracey Cox, in which the Sexpert summarises her lessons for enjoying safe and satisfying summer loving.

    "Everything seems to slow down when you're hot, so that is quite good, sexually, for women – you might focus less on intercourse, and more on something like a lazy oral sex session.

    Now's the time to have sex in the shower, now's the time to lie outside in the back garden and hose yourself off.

    The other thing about the heat is it does increase your sex drive because you're seeing people wandering around without much on."

    Tracey offers her advice for having sex during a heatwave – including how to reduce the risk of lazy Pimms-filled pub afternoons affecting your lovemaking.

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