• Tracey Cox on the Etiquette of Sexting

    Sexting: the dos and don'ts!

    These days nearly everyone has access to a computer, a smartphone or a tablet and it's becoming increasingly affordable to run them.

    So it's no surprise that sending naughty messages (or 'sexting') has suddenly seen a huge surge in popularity, especially amongst young people.

    But what are the greater implications of sexting, and when (if ever) is it appropriate to do it?

    Tracey talks to the Huffington Post this week on the things you need to consider before sending a cheeky photo to someone you fancy.

    "Even the nicest guy won't be able to resist showing off if you look hot.

    Keep it erotic rather than pornographic and remember a hint of something can be far sexier than showing everything.

    I'd recommend it to couples who trust each other but would be hugely cautious otherwise."

    You can read the full article here.

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    • Shan: August 14, 2013 16:54
      good article