• Tracey Cox Talks Fantasy and Desire with Female First

    Tracey Cox talks to Female First about Dare!

    What's your biggest fantasy? Would you ever act upon it?

    Tracey Cox's latest book Dare! explores the fantasies of real women, and tells the true stories of happened when they were transformed into realities.

    Why do women often feel ashamed and embarrassed about having a fantasy?

    Because women don't like to admit to the lusty, 'filthy' side to their sexuality that absolutely exists. There's lots of recent research that proves once and for all that women are just as voracious about new sexual experiences as men are. That's always been clear if you study women's fantasies: we're not hankering after romantic sexual encounters but very rude ones!

    What's the most common fantasy?

    Sleeping with a woman. Either with or without him present!

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    Tracey Cox Dare - What Happens When Fantasies Come True