• The Gel Could Save Your Sex Life

    Tracey Cox in the Mail on Female Viagra

    I get dozens of emails every day from woman desperate for tips on how to get their sex drives back. What if I told you simply rubbing a gel onto your thighs or arms could get it back in two weeks?

    I've seen this gel dramatically increase the sex drive of several women I know - with startling results - yet hardly anyone knows about it.

    Testosterone gels, available on the NHS and privately, boost the level of the hormone which plays a role in our sex drive. We think of testosterone as a male hormone but women also produce it in lesser quantities.

    If your testosterone level is low - which can happen pre-menopause, as well as after because the levels fall with age - the urge for sex decreases substantially. Replace what your body isn't producing anymore and you could find your sex drive is back to what it was in your 30s.

    "I didn't really expect results because I haven't fancied sex with my husband for about 10 years," said one 37-year-old woman who is a fan of the gel. But by week two, my sex drive came back. I hadn't told my husband I was using the gel because I knew he'd be hurt if he realised I'd only been having sex to please him for years.

    "But that weekend, I initiated sex for the first time ever and he was thrilled. I'm enjoying sex now more than I ever have. I've recommended the gel to other friends and they've got the same results." I believe the reason it's not talked about or wildly popular is because we're brainwashed to think that it's 'normal' not to want sex once you're past a certain age or have been with your partner for a while. But it is possible to fight mother nature?

    Testosterone gels won't make you fancy a partner you've grown to dislike or are repulsed by. It also won't make a difference if your testosterone levels are normal or high. But it will make you far more motivated to get intimate with a partner you love dearly, but no longer lust after. It negates the: 'I feel like I'm having sex with a sibling or best friend' effect of long-term relationships.

    "It's sensible for women to be checked over to make sure low desire is a testosterone problem as opposed to something else that may need treating," says Jeffrey Braithwaite, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the Wimpole Street Clinic for Women in London. "It's also essential to check there aren't other existing conditions or complications that may make using the gel dangerous."

    But the gels can be extremely effective if testosterone levels are low." Testosterone patches - which basically do the same job as the gel - have been around for a while but aren't terribly popular because they slide off after a shower. Simply rub the gel onto the inside of your thigh or top of your arms, wait five minutes for it to absorb and expect results in anything from two weeks to a month. The joy of a gel is that, unlike a tablet, it's much easier to get the dose completely right for your individual needs.

    Mr Braithwaite recommends to start off by using a quarter of a 50mg sachet, once every two days, then increase or decrease the dosage to suit. Some women end up applying it once every three days, others just do it at weekends when they're more likely to have sex so want to make sure they're in the mood. The trick is to get to the point where your sex drive is stronger but the side-effects - like irritability - are decreased.

    "I did notice I felt a bit on edge and competitive when I first started using it," said another woman who's used the gel for years now. "But I decreased the dose and that irritability disappeared." Mr Braithwaite said not to be alarmed if you do an internet search on testosterone gels to find a warning that it's only to be taken by men. "It's just that most companies only produce a male dose. Men rub in one sachet a day whereas women use it sparingly - around one eighth of the strength." Some women may also need an estrogen supplement because the two hormones work together well to boost your libido.

    And it's not just your sex life that may benefit from the gel: low testosterone levels have been associated with Alzheimer's disease and other memory problems, heart disease and lowered bone density. If you'd like to try it, make an appointment with your GP to get your testosterone levels tested and take it from there. It might just change your life.

    Comments (3)

    • Tina: December 11, 2013 12:28
      I am very interested to know the name of this gel. I have been suffering for over 18 years and living in the Republic of Ireland albeit my testosterone levels are low the GP wont prescribe anything for me. Please email me.
    • colet: March 28, 2014 19:02
      Hi I also live in Ireland and I would love to know what the gel is called as im 48 and my sex drive is gone also.
    • Niyi Komolafe: April 21, 2014 12:48
      Here is what Viagra does. Use it and you get set for sex in hours even if there is not a woman in the room. What do you do, do the dressing table? If this gel works like that, then it is not good.

      There are certain food that pumped up your testosterone naturally. Lack of it signals imbalance in our body. This gel would cover the short comings. Your system get worst, with fabricated sexual mood, until you pack up sooner than later. Learn to use food to correct the imbalance before you speed up the process with the gel.

      Have you been feeding on tasty but bad food? The imbalance in your body says yes. There is no medication that can supplement good food and the benefit in our body.