• Tracey: 'The single reason size matters'

    Tracey’s latest addition to the Edge range is the Extended Pleasure Silicone Penis Extension.

    Here, she talks about how extenders have their place in the bedroom - although it might not be the reason you think...

    “Those of you who’ve read my books or blogs, know one of my favourite phrases is ‘You don’t need an erect penis to have a good time in bed’.

    “My (almost) second favourite is that size doesn’t matter (if you’re straight) because most of the nerve endings of the vagina are in the first inch and (whatever your sexuality), tongues, fingers and sex toys can pretty much replicate all a hard penis can.

    “Given these views, why then, have I just launched the Edge Extended Pleasure Silicone Penis Extension as part of my men’s range?

    “For those of you who don’t know, an ‘extension’ is a sleeve that slips over the penis to add length or girth while also offering support for men with erection problems.

    “Well, there’s one very good reason why I decided to: confidence. Looking at feedback from men who use penis extenders, I was amazed at how much confidence extenders gave to the men who used them.

    ‘It was the first time I’ve ever been able to relax and feel confident in bed’, was a common response.

    “Many men continue worry about their penis size (regardless of how much I harp on that they shouldn’t), 30 per cent suffer from premature ejaculation and between 30 and 50 per cent of men between the ages of 40 and 70 have had erection problems.

    “A well-designed penis extender effectively tackles all three issues with one device.

    “If it’s size you’re worried about, this adds 2.5cm length as well as increasing the girth by 4.5cm.

    “Another key advantage to using a support sleeve during penetration is that it takes the pressure off if you have any type of erectile dysfunction (ED).

    “Anxiety is nearly always a contributing factor to erection problems. The extender alleviates performance anxiety and builds confidence so you enjoy sex more.

    “And the less you worry about getting or maintaining an erection, the more likely you are to get and keep one next time around.

    “If you ejaculate too quickly for either you or your partner, the extender is a great way to ensure penetrative sex lasts as long as you’d both like it to: the sleeve stays firm, even if you don’t.

    “In an ideal world, you would all believe me when I tell you the size of your penis and firmness of your erection really aren’t going to stop you satisfying your partner in bed.

    “In the meantime, using the Edge Penis Extender will hopefully help you get to that happy place.”

    Pick up Tracey's EDGE Extended Pleasure Silicone Penis Extension here, or check out the unbiased customer reviews on Lovehoney.

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    • M. Nwagbara: September 08, 2016 18:01
      I need to experience the silicone extension.
    • Jay Maxie: August 03, 2017 17:12
      A woman who knows what a.man won't talk about very much. Thanks Tracey.
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